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The show was one of the best in a while. Although the "set up" of Annie and Simon's murder was pretty much a wash, at least Joan and Auggie stuck with Annie. Arthur was ready to throw her to the wolfes. The cast of Joan, Auggie, and Annie is a great blend. I didn't like Annie using sex to get to Simon, it made her look like a slut. I know James Bond could go to bed with anyone, but he was a male slut. The in comma moment reminded me of Booth (Bones) when he was in a comma, guess that's been done pleanty of times.


1. The only explanation I have for why Sarah Clarke was cast as Lena was that they didn't trust the writers to foreshadow Lena's betrayal successfully. (And there was plenty of foreshadowing. If you didn't immediately think Lena was a bad guy, you weren't paying attention.) Since everything about Lena screamed "Nina!", the writers didn't have to work as hard to make her seem like that kind of person.

2. Annie telling Simon "Yes" was not plausible. Her letting him off the hook was plausible; her agreeing to run away with him was not. She might have done that for the guy who set her on course for the CIA in the first place, but she's not that naive twenty-something any more.

3. It's too bad they killed Simon. He was right that they couldn't be together except on his terms, but I'm sure the show would have found a way to let them see each other again once or twice.

4. I agree with those who want to keep the Auggie-Annie thing simmering on the edge of the friend zone. Don't mess up a good thing.


Great except for contrived investigation, too much coma-dream and ship-teasing. Intro callback was lame. Lena couldn't pick a better time/way to kill off Annie for good? The kiss was lacking in chemistry.


I agree with CA Fan, there was a lot missing from the investigation. The subsonic round from a 9mm would not be through and through so the bullets would be available for analysis. It would be pretty obvious Simon couldn't have shot him self like that - no evidence of contact. That part of it just didn't make sense. Lack of GSR on Simon's hand and clothing. Etc.

That said, once one gets past all the mistakes they make with guns and ballistics, it was an entertaining episode. From the promo, I think I'm going to like the next one better.

Is it just me, or has Piper's acting improved about 500 percent? It seems much better this season.


After watching last nights episode I realized that Simon made the show interesting watching for me. They had such great chemistry and made Annie interesting for once. Auggie should stay in the friend zone. I thought when they kissed it was forced and lacked any heat. Annie was ready to run off with Simon last week and this week pretty much nothing. Covert Affairs is back to if its on I might watch it.


Incredible episode! Hats off to Chris Gorham for q job well done directing and his acting was incredible in this episode. Auggie is my favorite character but I found him to be even more riveting than ever. I loved the faith he had in his friend and the lengths he was willing to go for her. You cannot buy that sort of breathtaking devotion. That is what makes their relationship so amazing. I even enjoyed the bit in her dream sequence about it not being their dance or their time. A lovely nod to the Auggie and Annie shippers out there without tiling up those fans who simply enjoy their deep friendship as id. I found myself sort of missing Simon as well. I also enjoyed Joan in this. I'm always fond of her maternal ways regarding Auggie and Annie both. While so many aspects of Lenas actions seemed implausible, it didn't interfere with my enjoying the ride. I loved the nod to the pilot's perfume moment with Auggie identifying her scent. Fantastic.


Is everyone in Covert Affairs who is in the CIA or law enforcement just really, really stupid?

Nina's... sorry, Lena's... staged shooting scene shouldn't have lasted long at all before being discovered as fake.

Ballistic tests would have been run on the bullets removed from Annie and Simon, along with the gun itself, and would have shown that they were both shot with the same gun.

Annie and Simon would have been tested for gunshot residue. Even if Simon still had some on his hand due to the mall shooting, Annie would not have had *any* as she hadn't fired a gun.

Yet there's no mention of these really basic things...


Yesterday's episode was terrific. Chris did a tremendous job as Auggie determined to prove his best friend's innocent and find the person responsible for framing her and he was close being dead. Too close! I loved how Joan and Auggie together to get answers about Lena and stop her from fleeing from leaving the hospital if they didn't make it Annie would be dead! My favorite was the Auggie and Annie scene where Auggie finally tells her how he feels about Annie on her beside comatose and Annie's dream state about Auggie it is obvious on Annie's unconscious mind she trust Auggie completely and that she loves him very much she wanted to dance with him more, but knowing Auggie he says it is not the right time for them they will know it when it feels right.


Oops, I used too many words first time! I also think Lena may be Simon's sister. Speaking of sisters, I was dismayed that Danielle's photo seemed to make Annie decide not to leave with Simon. She kicked Annie out of the house last season, and the lie detector dream was typical whiny Danielle, as was inadvertently saving Annie's life with a cookie (the least she could do). After we let her know her home is a crime scene, can we send her to China with Arthur?


I am still in love with Simon and really, really wanted Annie to run away with him to his island. Yes, it would have ended the show, but what a nice fantasy. I also wanted to see more of him in the dream sequences. I do like Eyal a lot (Oded Fehr and Richard Coyle studied at the Old Vick Theatre school together!). Auggie is a great guy and his and Joan's working on Annie's behalf was the best part of last night's episode, but no office romance, please. See how well it works for Joan and Arthur? Did anyone notice that Joan was wearing pants and shirts with sleeves instead of her usual sheath dress?! Yay, yippee. Can she send Arthur away to China so we can all be rid of him? Lena hired the man who killed Jai, and she was the subject of his investigation. Putting the gun in Annie's hand didn't make sense - forensics would show they had both been shot with the same gun, unless she was trying to make it look like an FSB red herring. And why try to kill Annie in the hospital unless she had totally snapped? I, too, hope next week's episode reveals her as Simon's sister. Speaking of sisters, I was very disappointed that it was whiny Danielle's photo that seemed to change Annie's mind about leaving with Simon last week. She kicked Annie of her house last season, and the lie detector dream was so very typically whiny of her. Inadvertently saving Annie's life with a cookie delivery was the least she could do! Can we send her to China with Arthur?!

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