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Criminal Minds Season 8 Premiere Promo: Welcome, Jeanne Tripplehorn!

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CBS has released the first official promo for Criminal Minds Season 8.

Teasing the premiere of new BAU member Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn), the trailer gives us a look at "The Silencer," an UnSub who leaves victims behind by sewing their mouths shut. OUCH!

Criminal Minds returns with new episodes and this new agent on September 26. Feast your eyes on upcoming footage from the drama now:

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She comes across as motherly. She doesn't provide or bring anything unique to the team. Her character is a sore thumb. There is no connection. Reid is our cute resident brainiac. We don't need someone else being the same type of smart that Reid already brings to the table. It competes with Reid's uniqueness. Reid has a mother and also JJ looks out for him. They all do. Hotch is the leader as well as the fatherly figure him and Rossi. Morgan is Morgan the smart muscle of the team. The new character comes across as weak. Prentiss was a bad a$$ that had her own connections that she brought to the team that could be used to assist. Even JJ is bad a$$ and she can make things happen! The episode in which she made fun of Reid referencing him to have an autistic syndrome and Rossi laughs with her was absolutely horrible. That team always protects Reid's naivety!


Bad decision CBS. Jeanne is not a good fit for the show.


Hate Jeanne on Criminal Minds. VERY FLAT. Bring back Prentiss


BRING BACK PRENTISS. THE new girl i hate


Ok just watch the new episode..NOT please with Jeanne Tripplehorn she sucks!!! looks like she took over the entire show. Maybe because it was her first show..still don't like her character. I MISS Prentiss. Love me some Criminal Minds. I am worried now...will the show go in a whole new direction. I hope not. BRING BACK MY PRENTISS!!! and have the show like it has always been. Fashion Princess


hey,love cm,always have.keeping the cast bonding, being able to laugh after all the bad guys they the quotes,big time.


I cannot wait for the new season to begin! It will be different without prentiss on the show, but no matter, I am anxious to see what this season brings, I have seen all episodes more than once. All the cast members make the show what it is, they do such a wonderful job. I guess I can't get enough, this is absolutely my FAVORITE show!!


I love this show! I hope we won't miss Prentiss as much as I did when she left before. I really liked her. But I love the rest of the cast too.


I love this show, it is a favorite. I have to agree with guest and joanie, it is focusing way more on the deed than on how they are solving it. It seems to sometimes get a little to descriptive and graphic. Dont get me wrong, I am still watching, but it would be nice if I could still sleep at night! lol


Why is Prentiss leaving??? I was in tears watching "Run" and just the thought of her leaving again makes me not want to see Jeanne Tripplehorn on the show :( Prentiss was my favorite, especially over Elle. She can't leave!