Criminal Minds Season 8 Premiere Promo: Welcome, Jeanne Tripplehorn!

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CBS has released the first official promo for Criminal Minds Season 8.

Teasing the premiere of new BAU member Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn), the trailer gives us a look at "The Silencer," an UnSub who leaves victims behind by sewing their mouths shut. OUCH!

Criminal Minds returns with new episodes and this new agent on September 26. Feast your eyes on upcoming footage from the drama now:

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My favorite show, I have all of the repeats just about memorized. They did a show once using my little home town! Paget is leaving a big hole in the team; I'm very disappointed. Don't know what to think about Trippelhorn; we'll see...


I agree with "guest" recent episodes have too little of the fascinating brain work of the BAU and way too much footage of the evil doings of the unsubs; every crime show has very bad bad guys; what used to set CM apart was the smart and appealing good guys


Can't wait for the season to begin. This show just gets better with age.


Hate to rain on anyone's parade but the preview looks very unsub heavy and for me that has become the chief disappointment I have with the show since the new showrunner took over in season 7. CM used to see the victims. Now it uses them as props for the despicable acts of the unsubs that the current writers (with a few exceptions) love to glorify. I mean, why do we ned to see the deed? It used to be implied and that made this a once great show.


this is gonna be an awesome season!!! cannot wait to see the whole arc of this unsub, especially since it may have something to do with JJ getting into a sticky situation. Bring on more badass JJ!!


omg i'm soooo excited. looks like the premiere will be a winner...i just CAN....NOT....WAIT!!!!!


Oh man I just got the chills