Fall Premiere Preview: Talk About a Revolution

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The calendar has flipped to September and the unofficial end to the summer just passed us by. So why is there a celebration going on inside the TV Fanatic offices?

Because it's nearly fall premiere time!

In our latest pilot preview - having already covered such new upcoming shows as Beauty and the Beast and Elementary - Nick McHatton talks about Revolution, NBC's futuristic take on a world without electricity. Is it worthy of a spot on your DVR?

Giancarlo Esposito as Lt. Neville

When it Airs: Mondays at 10/9c on NBC, starting September 17.

Who it Stars: Billy Burke, Tracey Spiridakos, Anna Lise Phillips, Graham Rogers, J.D. Pardo, Zak Orth, Maria Howell, David Lyons, Giancarlo Esposito, Tim Guinee, Elizabeth Mitchell, Derek Webster, Daniella Alonso.

What It's About: The world is changed after something causes all technological achievements to forever switch off. Fifteen years later we find that humanity has adapted, but the planet is now ruled by local militias and warlords rather than governments. The series revolves around the Matheson children and the people they've aligned themselves with as they try to reunite their family and find out what caused the lights to go out.

Why You Should Watch: While Revolution may feel like Lost (especially with the addition of Elizabeth Mitchell), the similarities are nonexistent. Revolution isn't focused on a conspiracy so much, but rather on telling a compelling story centered around its core family. This is one part family drama, one part mystery and one part swashbuckling - and it all adds up to one fun ride.

The premiere is incredibly imaginative with special effects that can rival Once Upon A Time, and it ends with a question that makes it impossible to ignore episode two.

Why You Might Not: It's on NBC for one, and aside from Chuck, what show of this genre has ever survived on the network for very long? Moreover, will the audience be ready to invest in another series of this scale? Or are viewers tired of being burned by dramas that have come before it?

Recommendation: A must-watch. Don't miss Revolution.


I liked the pilot, quite a bit.
But you raise a good point about NBC. We have a joke in our family about not wanting to like any new show because "they'll just cancel it on us anyway.".
We finally got our hopes up and fell in love with Awake... to lose it.
I watched the pilot and ep 2 on demand to decide if we'd like it and I did, so re-watched it with hubs and immediately watched ep. 2.
Maybe we'll keep it on demand so he won't notice it's NBC. *rolls eyes at ahole network*


Okay no doubt about it, not 1, here it is, NEWS FLASH, Film at 11--REVOLUTION IS AWESOME & I'M HOOKED!!! And can I please have "Uncle Miles" come home with me? He is so hot, he sizzles! I had no idea just how good an actor Billy Burke truly is. Of course in the Twilight Saga as the sheriff, the "alleged Prophet" in "Drive Angry" with Nicholas Cage but WOW, in Revolution this strong silent type man ROCKS! I'll ask again--Can I please have l of Miles to go? Think about adding that to your menus ladies! If you've not seen it, for goodness sake, do yourself a favor and leave the 10 pm NBC slot wide open for this new series, why? I swear to you it is one of the fastest hours I've EVER seen on TV--just watching Billy Burke is worth the hour all by itself and by all means, I STILL want 1 of Billy Burke to go please! ;o)


Watched pilot last night and thought the the story was so lame, no depth at all. For example, half the community is slaughtered by the local militia, then 15 minutes later the feisty daughter is headed out of town into the danger lands. No mourning for her dead dad, no funeral, no nothing. Shocker: The fat guy is a millionaire. Hmmm where did I see that before? Give me a f'n break... It's almost laughable. Apparently these people lived together for a long period of time, but know absolutely nothing about each other. The casting was annoying as well, too many 2nd/3rd-rate TV actor cameos. I did chuckle at the alcoholic ninja brother/uncle 'who loves to kill people'. I predict this one will be cancelled fast.


The pilot was crap.


Good luck Kamja, sincerely


I am quite intrigued so I am sure I will watch. I know its on NBC but i think its worth a try. Mainly because its a nice change of pace from all the procedural dramas...it's time for a drama that isn't. At least that's why I'm sure I'll tune in.


OUAT's special fx are the worst


Saw the premiere on hulu. Great so far.


I will watch pilot for few reasons.
1. Why I couldn't see anyone riding a bike in the promo.
2. Why couldn't they manufacture old-fashioned guns
3. What happened to sun, wind, water, thunder,
4. I understand that America is a rather big country and it would be very difficult to maintain the centralized government without electricity but others done it.
So if I'll get my answers is the first episode I might just sit and enjoy the show.

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