Glee Episode Preview: Who Breaks Up?

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Brace yourselves, Gleeks. Heartbreak is on the way.

Following last night's mediocre episode of this Fox hit, the series is making it as clear as possible that one long-time couple will not survive the October 4 installment. How do we know? It's titled "The Break Up."

Will a new job offer split Will and Emma apart? What about the long distance getting in the way for Blaine and Kurt or Rachel and Finn? All three relationships appear to be on the line in this episode teaser.

Which will come to an end? Which do you want to come to an end? Watch now:

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Go Rachel! Drop that dead weight anchor from your past. You are way too young to be tied down. I seriously hope Finchel breaks up. So sick of them. I don't mind her with Brody. I agree that he brings out the best in her. But let her be single for awhile. I want to see Rachel through her struggles without needing a man. RM needs to realise that women don't need rescuing all the time.


My bet is on 2 out off three break up & I'm agreeing with @meg Brody is just so freaking hot and if Rach doesn't take him i will!


Gabriella - They said sam would be getting a new g/f this season, so guessing him and Mercedes called it quits. I'm hoping Finn & Rachel will break up (Sorry Finchel fans) I think Brody is bringing out the best of her. I much prefer Rachel now she's in NY. xo


I want Finchel to break up. I think Brochle is pretty good. And as I said in another post, what is going on with SAMCEDES!!!??? Is it a long distance relationship or something??? Brittana is pretty good too, especially because they are BFFS. I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE!!!


Santana and Brittney or Fin and Rachel

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Glee Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm gonna take this down to the park and watch drug deals go down.


Brittany: Ah, young love.
Blaine: Do you remember when you started dating Santana and I started dating Kurt back before everyone was so busy and far away and things were so much simpler? We had so much more hope and innocence. Every day was just like Valentine's Day.
Brittany: We're still young. Shouldn't we still be experiencing those things?

Glee Season 4 Episode 4 Music

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Teenage dream 1 Teenage Dream Glee Cast iTunes
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