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Sometimes it seems as if Glee needs to work extra hard or be extra special than the other shows on tvfanatic to get four stars.

Story-wise, this episode was a lot stronger than last week. I heard the songs before hand, so I was skeptical but I have to say, only Celebrity skin still doesn't have my approval.

I'd also like to point out, that so far this season, Glee has done a wonderful job, balancing out the stories of the characters'(except Tina) stories, which is something a lot of people used to complain about. It seems that the New York/Lima switch really forced the writers to keep focus, hopefully it stays this way. So far s4 is turning out to be a solid.


(continued) director is AWESOME!! Glee writers, make it so!


I think the review is a little heavy handed on the criticism, but I do appreciate that the reviewer seems to at least be pulling for the show.

I thought tonight's episode was a stellar move forward from last week's snoozer. The Rachel-Brody-Finn triangle is already ten times more enjoyable than Rachel-Finn-Quinn triangle (a poorly written saga that left two of the characters - F&Q - without any redeeming qualities). There is definitely a built in suspense and, finally, some honesty about the impractical nature of high school relationships lasting a lifetime.

Also, I think people need to get over the "High school scenes are boring" schtick. I get it - Rachel/Kurt/Finn are the only ones anyone wants to see on the screen. For me, I enjoy seeing other characters move into the spotlight for a change. Blaine is a major character and did anyone notice that Tina got THREE songs last week?? Unheard of.

Finally, the idea of having Jesse St. James be the new glee club director is AWESOME!! Make it so.


hearing moon river was nice; a sweet touch.


Based on your review, I don't think it deserved a 3 star. I know Glee is a train wreck but watching them get 3 stars or less EVERY week is depressing. Can you rate more fairly? I said 3,5 or 4 for this episode.


Don't forget the best part of the episode-Rachel's first attempt at cooking! I can so relate to that. I'm fairly profficient at it now, but one of the first times I tried cooking I turned around to look at the book and turned back around and there it was--food burned. Albiet not the hilarious fire and her ensuing attempts to put it out. That was the first time Glee made me laugh hard in a long time.

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