Gossip Girl Burning Question: What's With the Ring?

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Is the much-talked about ring on Blair's necklace, as seen in select photos emerging from the NYC set of Gossip Girl this summer, symbolic of the state of Chair's relationship (that they're together but apart, for now)?

We've all seen the Chuck-Blair sex promo by now (if not, you are missing out), so we know the two are on good terms. What's with the ring, though? Is it a harbinger of even better things to come for Chair?

E! Online reports that ... we don't know right now. But we will soon!

Regarding whether it is in fact a wedding band and symbol of Chair's pact, we will "definitely will find out what that's all about in the first episode back." Until then, let the speculation and theories fly in the comments!

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester on Set

On an unrelated note, expect another of B's relationships to play a key role this fall.

Regarding Blair and Serena's oft-strained friendship, the producers really want to bring that back to being "front and center, just like in season one." Now that's something we don't expect a lot of argument about.

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i think that they have such chemistry on screen that there has to be something there since this is the last season maybe they will realize that if they want to kiss and hook up they will have to give a relationship a chance westwick seems like her really has feelings for her when he talks about her and the kind of chemistry they have i think should be explorded hopefully they will figure it out on the final season CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON but SUPER SAD when IT ACTURALLY DOES because it MEANS THE END


come on westwick you really should ask leighton out there are many signs that you acturally could really like her i just think no one should give up a chance to be with someone especially since your chemistry looks like it could mean so much more if tv fanatic interviews him for the final season i would so mention this


I really hope Chuck and Blair are not engaged. The season ended with Chuck basically telling Blair that he was done fighting for her. So, she decided to step up and work for his love. Which is great and all in a soap opera, but it is a very poor reflection on real life. You don't just break up with someone that you cared about (yes, she did care for Dan, she admitted it herself even if she didn't quite love him yet) and move on to your on and off manfriend. I used to love Chuck and Blair so much, but unless this show fast forwards a year or so, they will never convince me that Chuck and Blair can be a forever thing. Timing is key to any relationship and the show has botched all Chair timings. And Blair as a character.

Elise of the upper east side

Ggfab, i don't think DB will be friends, and I didn't buy their sudden/forced 'friendship' in s4/5. I want them to go back to their s1&2 dynamic or not interact at all. After season 5, I've had to stomach enough, thank you :P


chair are engaged ... finaly so dan needs to back off


Dan and Blair only dated for few months.. Speed bump. That ring is THE ring and CB are engaged


It's definitely an engagement ring. To be honest I want Dan far away from Blair in Season 6 until we're sure his feelings are platonic. What Blair and Dan had can easily fade away and they can be friends like Nate and Blair.

Elise of the upper east side

B, she wears a fake one a lot, but I think it's just a cheap placeholder for the HW :)

Elise of the upper east side

um duh, she's engaged or something...but I'm sure it will be some complicated BS because the writers always to that with CB...at least she's finally wearing the ring (in a way haha)


Well i think Chuck gave it to blair to remind her that she in his, And always will be.

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