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Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "High Infidelity"

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We've already seen the promotional photos - and posted some Gossip Girl season 6 spoilers - but now the CW has released the episode synopsis for the second installment of the season, "High Infidelity."

It reads:

  • Trying to prove herself in adult society, Serena hosts the Central Park Conservancy’s big gala, of which she is now the newest Board Member, and she and Nate  both learn something shocking about their significant others.
  • Blair prepares to debut her new fashion line, but a rival from her past holds the key to her future.
  • With the help of Georgina, Dan lands some meetings with publishers, but he must decide if he is willing to sacrifice his integrity in order to get his work published.
  • Meanwhile, Chuck tries to persuade Amira (guest star Andrea Gabriel) to help him look into his father’s past, even if it means jeopardizing Lily and Bart’s relationship.

Barry Watson guest stars as Steven and Sofia Black-D'Elia debuts as Sage.

Check out our photo gallery from the episode, airing Monday, October 15, and share your comments on it below. Gossip Girl Season 6 begins a week from Monday!

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As for Serena and Nate, I think Serena / Sabrina discovers a secret related to Stephen, and Nate gets information that Lola is in LA and to begin shooting a TV series (which is in fact true in relation to the actress who plays Lola) and that she would not go back to him!


So only you want that @ G. Singular!


A real rival to Blair would be only Jenny, but as it is unlikely that Jenny appear in episode 6x02, it is probably Nelly Yuki! Although that does not make sense because Nelly was a rival to Blair for admission to Yale College, and not to manage fashion company. No sense in Poppy Lifton too, because in season 2 Poppy scheme performed to Serena and her mother Lily, and not to Blair. Blair in season 2 aids Serena, along with NJBC to destroy Poppy and nothing more! It seems that the writers put back in scenario what makes no sense and has nothing to do with what happened in previous seasons. Although it is possible that rival for Blair is still Jenny, but Jenny does not appear in the episode! For the only rival to Blair linked to fashion is only Jenny, and that only makes sense.


Rival is poppy lifton as stated on previous reports. SERENATE! I'm blushing just thinking of them being together at the end of the show.


The only character most interesting this season is dan!!! Penn is a great actor and i hope to see more of him!!


Blair's rival is Nelly like it would be a bit obvious is it was Jenny when we know she's not coming back even thought we want her too... And I WANT A GOSSIP GIRL MOVIE TOO :D




Let Dan be mean for a while! Is Nate quit smoke/eat pat?'coz really is improving if he thought for himself take down GG! He must be important in some history line is great guy(and must add gorgeous) and deserve better than this palsfriends and bad girls as dates.


The Blair's rival is Nelly Yuki, I don't think is Poppy 'coz she wasn't really her friend or miniom in that manner. 4me Sage and Steven are couple of schemers and pretend to be siblings. Could be a great season is a shame that it has only 10-11 episodes to develop and give the fandom a proper end.


The rival is Nelly Yuki.