Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "High Infidelity"

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A photo gallery from the second episode of Gossip Girl's sixth and final season has been released. Here's your first look at "High Infidelity," airing October 15, 2012 and prominently featuring new faces Sage and Steven.

Sofia Black-D’Elia plays Sage, who's apparently taken quite an interest in Nate, and Barry Watson guest stars as Steven, Serena's latest love interest. Additional plot details will be posted as they become available.

Click to enlarge the images and share your comments below:

S and Her New Man
The New Girls
Dan on Gossip Girl
S in a Gown
Nate and Serena Pic
Nate and Sage
Nate and Sage
Serena and Steven
Sage on Gossip Girl
D and G
Serena, Nate Picture
B-Dubs Photo
S in a Gown
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Yeah I was right they did change it .. To sofi black D'elia


Two questions did they change the actor? And I realized that her name is changed ... It was Natasha wasn't it ? Not saga btw what type of name is saga ? :| and she doesn't look like Zoe Aggeliki but she's cute :)


@ Marco, Steven and Sage were the first brother and sister, but it was later changed and they are now a father and daughter. Probably after numerous reviews that said again repeated story about a girl who likes a guy, who has a sister and who does not like this girl.


@zoran I thought Steven and saga were brother and sister :|?


@ MichaelBL, Steven and Sage are father and daughter! @ QueenB, Nate has a real story - he is a womanizer or a playboy! During the previous 5 seasons Nate has proven that he can not be with one girl, since he is a womanizer! Nate does not need to be with Serena, but with Jenny, but Nate blew that in season 3. Serena should be with Dan, but Serena is with Stephen, a catastrophic mistake!


Geez, Nate can't you find a girl to date that is your own age--either they are too old or too young. What the heck? Get with Serena and be done with all these other silly girls. Why can't they give Nate a real storyline?


What is the relationship between Steven and Sage?


I am glad to see that Hair& Costumes department was reinstalled on Gossip Girl, I am really gals to see the girls AND guys in a) good clothes and b) hair brushed (especially Blair). Serena looks amazing in that dress, just btw.


Chuck and Blair, that is all


Wow she is cute ... And she kinda looks like she's the new queen b of The school Serena and Blair went to, sorry idk how to spell their school. But cute outfits I love it so modern :) and wow hats are the royal trade mark cute haha lol SO EXCITED 2 WEEKS LEFT AWHHH