Gossip Girl Rumor Confirmed: Rufus Totally Sleeping With ...

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Rufus is definitely sleeping with ... someone not named Lily on Gossip Girl.

Someone significantly younger than him, and someone we've met before.

We saw glimpses of her in the Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer (below) and had pretty much figured out who Rufus' mystery paramour is. Now TV Line's Michael Ausiello confirms it in his column today:

Asked who it is and why it's scandalous, he writes: "Well, there’s the age difference. There’s also ... did I mention the big age difference? She’s a relatively new character. Name rhymes with, 'Bye, V!'"

On the plus side, recent set photos indicate some hope for Rufly ... but wow. Rufus getting it on with Ivy Dickens? The woman who kicked him out of his apartment? And masqueraded as his estranged wife's niece?

Sure, the raspy voice is hot. But we're guessing this isn't gonna go over well.

How do you think the UES will react? And will he and Lily reconcile?

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Holy shark jump!


Ivy and Rufus are both disgusting people, mostly Ivy cause she was spotted with William....what a sl*t!!!


oh yeah and bart has a brain and he totally is the soft guy here! i must laughing out loud really. fact is the love story from rufly is there since beginning. and i hope they go back to this. lily belongs to rufus. the cold lady need her balance. and only rufus can give her this. (and not bart bass)


Rufus is stupid and gross! First of all he treated and acted as if Ivy/Charlie was family; second his son and her had a little bit of a thing...then of course there is the age difference. I'm not sure why he doesn't get that she is using him to plot against Liliy. I guess it goes to prove he is both dumb and self-righteous. I'm glad Lily left him,, she deserves someone with brains and some dignity.


I do not know why you all whine because Rufus sleeps with Ivy? How many hypocrites are here, any of you did not mind that Nate had sex with older women in season 2 and 5, and now all the whining because Rufus has sex with a young Ivy! Bravo for Rufus, and let him get lucky and have sex with a young chicken!
@ Netty, I fully agree with you for Lily! Everything you said is true.


yayyy dan cut his hair


Its Ivy!!! I saw that on a promo! she's sleeping with william too. Remember the take-down lily plot?! :)


i so agree Fran!:-)


Yuck. Ivy? The more I learn, the less interested I am in watching this season. Plus, I don't like what the writers did to lilly last season. They turned her character into a complete bitch.


lily is not only a devil bitch. the problem is the writing for her. she has a big heart and that you could see especially in season 1 as she gave her blessing to dan and serena and as she brought dan to serena back in 1.10!
she sacrificied herself for her childrens in season 4. this lady might have maybe big issues with herself and she might be something icecold. but fact is, she not satans daughter. she has a heart but the problem is, many people broke it to often. and rufus is her balance. and i hope to see this again. rufus and lily belongs together! end!

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