Gossip Girl Season 4: Share Your Favorite Moments!

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Oh Gossip Girl. Please don't leave us. We love you so hard.

In honor of repeats airing for the first time on the Style network, and the final season airing this fall on the CW, TV Fanatic is taking a look back at the series that's given us so many great memories over the years.

Last week, we reflected on Gossip Girl Season 3, a turbulent year by any measure. Today, we ask you to share your memories of the show's fourth season and all its ups, downs, highs, lows and all-out craziness ...

The Best Shopping

Gossip Girl Season 4 began on location in Paris, France with Serena and Blair hoping to forget what they left behind in New York, and Chuck going to even greater lengths to become an entirely different person.

While in Paris, Blair met Prince Louis Grimaldi, to whom she later became engaged.

One of the principal storylines of the first half of the season revolved around Juliet Sharp (Katie Cassidy) and her secret agenda against Serena. The second half focused on Serena's relationship with former teacher Ben.

Juliet and Ben, of course, went back a long way.

Confronting Juliet

Blair and Dan grew increasingly close in the spring of Season 4, setting the stage for a full-blown romantic relationship a year later that would become one of the most polarizing in show history (if not TV history).

Dan and Vanessa's relationship deteriorated, meanwhile, and she split. For good.

Devious Uncle Jack Bass returned, this time to help Chuck get out of a bind involving Russell Thorpe, who along with his daughter Raina wreaked havoc on the Empire heir, nearly resulting in his fall from grace.

William van der Woodsen, along with Lily's mother and sister, CeCe and Carol, came to New York to support Lily after she confessed to evidence tampering (and ruining Ben's life), but brought their own agendas.

The Vixen Returns

Gossip Girl Season 4, like Season 3 before it, concluded with Chair coming thisclose to rekindling the passion, only to fall just short. In this case, there was no J driving a wedge between them, just Chuck's own fears.

At least fans of the star-crossed pair will always have the piano scene.

Speaking of Jenny, Taylor Momsen was absent for the majority of the season, and eventually written out for good. It's unlikely that we'll see her again, although anything is possible in the final season this fall.

Taking her place on the Upper East Side was Serena's cousin Charlie Rhodes (Kaylee DeFer), who we later learned was not actually Charlie Rhodes but Ivy Dickens, whose endgame is still to be determined to this day.

Nate Archibald ... hooked up with a lot of girls?

Chair on Chairs!

All in all, the 2010-11 campaign was not Gossip Girl's best. Safe to say we can all agree on that. But what were the things that you liked? And what would you most like to have changed, in retrospect?

What's your most vivid memory of Gossip Girl Season 4? Favorite episode? Favorite moment? Most heartbreaking moment? Biggest disappointment? We want to hear from you as we gear up for the big farewell.

Share it with us in the comment section below as we look back at the series we love and gear up for its swan song (see TV Fanatic's Gossip Girl spoilers for all the latest) beginning Monday, October 8!

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cont. Vanessa offering to live with him to take care of Milo would have been too if it wasn't for the feeling she was also doing this to lock down Dan. The Fashion Night Out part was interesting, specially the SB part, it was fluid and ended up with a nice twist, not only because they fooled everybody but also because Lily helped them. The Chuck and Eva part however was kinda painful to watch because of the way Eric and Rufus behaved (a public event like that kinda not the right place for that confrontation) but at least it lead to another Chuck and Lily scene and in turn to a moment between Chuck and Eva when he was forced to tell her the truth, which it was something that should be done (just wished she would have been honest too at that moment), plus he looked great in that moment. Nate confronting Serena was also something that needed to happen, N taking Juliet's side wasn't the best but he had good reasons to be angry at S, and it needs to be admitted his moment with Juliet was kinda endearing.


4x3 The undergraduates: this was a good episode, not as much as the previous one but still good. The beginning wasn't so bad despite having to endure Eva. Serena and Blair on campus was interesting. Juliet's presence at Hamilton House was surprising and it was more surprising to learn how powerful she was there. Seeing Penelope again was a bonus. GG omnipotence was a bit over the top though, and it still hasn't been properly explained, also GG mentioning Eva and Chuck's arrival to town felt mean. Chuck and Lily convo was a good scene. Dan searching for Georgina and later when Rufus reveals him the results of the paternity test was good too, but later the whole thing of Rufus and Eric talking about Chuck and Jenny was kinda crazy, specially considering Rufus himself mentions J wasn't blaming Chuck. The SB interactions about the Juliet and Hamilton House issue are good scenes. Dan deciding he couldn't give Milo fof adoption was endearing from his part. Vanessa offering to live with him to take care of Milo would have been too had it not been for the feeling she was also doing this to lock Dan down.


Blair with the Oscar De La Renta dress, one of her best looks ever, and all her scenes the minute she appears with the dress are superb, specially the one at Harry Winston and of course the train station scene, where CB have one of their best scenes ever. It was incredibly well shot and I don't think the dialogue was bad like some have said. The next day, her scene with Louis is another sweet moment that now feels like a slap in the face of fans, but her look was amazing. Serena going back home was a bittersweet moment for her, but you kinda can't blame the boys for that one because she could have decided earlier. Chuck meeting Eva in the street was probably one of the few scenes between them that I found bearable.


cont. when he shows her the money and later S shows up (he looked great in that one too). Blair and Louis first scene was uneventful, but looking back it makes you wonder why they ever thought they would work, she was pretending to be something she wasn't. Meanwhile, Dan searching for Georgina was much entertaining then their interactions in 4x1, and also the part where he cuts Serena on the phone. V showing up wasn't so amusing though, the whole DS thing was pretty much full of tension. Nate with Juliet at the beginning was a great scene, later on she accompaning him at the loft was unrealistic but at least her manipulations kept the story going. DN convo in the loft was a great bromance moment. Back in Paris, the Chuck and Serena convo was one of the best between them, and later SB convo was good.


cont. though after he wakes up it's certainly shocking seeing him with those clothes. 4x2 Double Indemnity: this was certainly better than the previous one and maybe one of the best of the season. Another initial convo between the girls, and dramatic when Lily calls Serena. Serena's look was awful but it was amusing seeing her playing detective like some reviewers pointed out. When she went to identify the body was dramatic and later we switch to Chuck's storyline. Chuck loooked so delicious in his first scenes when he woke up and later when he went to work, too bad they were with Eva and not Blair. The moment Chuck and Blair see each other was perfect, they both put their weights acting wise with their facial expressions. The scene between SB at the Waldorfs was superb, among other things because of the dialogue. Chuck meeting Eva after work and suggesting leaving town was a little fast in changing gears but it was a good scene, as well as the scene when he shows her the money and later Serena shows up (he also looked great at that one).


I will try to be brief this time: 4x1 Belles du Jour: it was an ok episode. Paris as stage was beautiful, and the first scenes when we see the girls are of the better ones in this episode, as well as their first conversations in the cafe and then at the Waldorf's. Nate meeting Juliet was a well shot scene, Katie Cassidy certainly was one of the reasons why the first part of this season was better than the second one. The Dan and Georgina parts weren't that interesting except for the awesome part where Georgina revealed Rufus and Lily about Milo (it was one of her most direct interactions with Nate, when ironically in the books he was the first to met her). Blair meeting Louis was a sweet scene, but it has lost spark after the season 5 disaster. The dinner was only an ok moment, but the SB conversation later was very heartfelt. The final part when we see what Chuck is being up to was what was expected but I have to say it could have been filmed better, though after he wakes up it's certainly shocking seeing him with those clothes.


I loved most Juliet and "ivy dickens" scenes, and how she turned out to just be impersonating her, now her stay is over run though


Season 4 sucked but season 5 was horrible and disgusting.I lost interested in this show in the middle of season 4; when blair told chuck she wanted to be a powerful woman which she will never be by the way.I was tired waiting for chuck and blair to get back together, the writers just invented lame excuses.Then i heard about dan and blair and i was definitely done with the show until the end of season 5.There was no way in hell, i would watch this pathetic excuse for a couple happen.They are so disgusting, dair is an abomination.


JULIET! definitely my favourite part of the season! katie cassidy is awesome and i think she is the reason that this season was at least decent


I agree with those who said that season 4 is better than season 3, but nothing can compare to a brilliant season 1 and 2! For me, the continued decline in season 4 that began with season 3 and that continued with the disaster in season 5! I agree with everyone who said that the scene between Chuck and Blair are one of the best in season 4. To me, the most beautiful scene between Chuck and Blair at the train station in Paris, sex scene on the piano and the funniest scene the Chuck in quilt in the bed of Blair and Serena enters and sits on the bed talking to Blair! But as we all know that I am a fan of Serena and Dan, for me, the best scenes in season 4 are ones that show the incredible love between Serena and Dan! Showing how deep and strong love between Serena and Dan, and how different of that was what has Serena and Nate (friendship), or Serena and Ben, or Dan and Blair!


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