Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 332

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Welcome to the 332nd Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready to see who came out on top this time?

Your Caption Contest winner, using a shot from taken before last week's Grey's Anatomy season premiere, is Daron. Congratulations! Honorable mentions to out to Viola Lee and Veky.

The winning entry appears below. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week!

After the Plane Crash

Cristina: I wanted to be a doctor to save lives. Not to get involved in a plane crash or a shoot out. Or almost get choked to death. Or almost get killed by a iceberg or get left at the altar.
Meredith: Please don't get me started.

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Mer (thinking): Now I know how the cheese feels between two slices of bread


C-When I agreed to a 3some...I thought Derek would be in the middle.


Mer (thinking): Now I know how the chease feels between two slices of bread


Meredith: You realize that Minnesota's filled with happy, perky people all the time.
Cristina: Kepner perky?
Meredith: Yep. And it's cold too.


Christina : Mer ?
Meredith : Yeah ?
Christina : Since we're about to die and stuff, can I bang McDreamy ?
Meredith : What ?
Derek : Well, now that it's on the table...


C - are you still my person?
M - yeah, why?
C - mcdreamy will probably taste good when we have to eat him
C - you know me, just being practical


cristina: mer,listen, u hear that?
Meredith: yeaaa, that's just derek.. it grows on you


Cristina: So much for 'enough trauma for one lifetime', right Mer?


Mer: I'm dreaming about the newcast photo
Cris: That'll be great. We've been wearing the same outfits for two years!


Cris; Why is it even when we're stranded in the woods Derek has perfect hair?