Grey's Anatomy Promo: The Whole Story Will Be Told

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Next week on Grey's Anatomy, the world will know what happened out there.

"Remember the Time" is the much-anticipated flashback episode, taking us back to the site of the plane crash, where each of the survivors tries to cope with the heartache and injuries caused by the catastrophe

Meanwhile, in Seattle, everyone struggles to find normalcy amidst the chaos.

On the Grey's Anatomy season premiere, we bid farewell to Eric Dane's Mark Sloan in one of the show's more emotional installments yet (which is saying something). Next Thursday, we learn how we got to that point.

Follow the above link for a full discussion of last night, then take a look at ABC's first promo for the flashback-centric week to come and share your predictions, comments and thoughts with TV Fanatic below:

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Can you please get a new pic of the doctors for this web site. What happened to all the infor they used to give. This is the 9 season it has and always will be one of the best shows on TV.


I read they didn't go back location filming at the crash site again. But there will be SGH scenes showing chaos whilst the search for survivors happens. The injured must transfer back to SGH pretty quickly. MerDer are wearing their doctors gear so this must cover the months leading up to episode 1. Cris seems to be not talking.


which the television series is?


There is a different sneak promo right there, it also shows Derek :


As good as it looks, I wish they had just done this episode first and carried it out for at least 3 episodes.


This is the episode everyone was expecting last night. I am glad that they sort of devoted last night to Mark Sloan and gave everyone a slight insight into everyone's mindset.


Last nights episode was sooooooooo confusing I was tempted to turn it off. I have watched since episode 1 and am increasingly dissatisfied with the storylines progression. First of all LOSE the gratuitous sex in EVERY episode. It really detracts from the story. If all those docs and nurses have so much time for closet sex, its one hospital I DONT want to be in.


excited much!!!


Very interesting video... seems Callie broke her promise to Arizona about the leg, therefore she's upset now ! Seems Cristina is going through anger issues after the crash ! Wonder what happened to Lexie's body...

Spindae 2o

This episode looks huge can't wait for it to happen. Sandra Oh!!!!

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