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I loved it!!! It IS basically a soap opera... So of course gotta have death and drama :P, keeps everyone on their toes LOL. RIP Lexie & McSteamy, LOVED them! But we survived George's demise and we'll survive this.
Bit annoyed about that stupid Kepner... Didn't even realized she was missing til Owen went to get her :P. could've got rid of her LOL.
Anyway... That's my two cents.


Arizona loosing her leg - Awful, but expected. The fact that Callie had to do it is going to have a huge impact on their relationship. I have this feeling that the writers are going to break them up at some point...or give Arizona a fake leg, which is more than likely =)

The new interns - WHO CARES!!!! I think the show should focus on the people that we have grown to love instead of bringing in a new group of extras who can't act. They irritate me. And April coming back?!?! Come on! One of the most annoying charcters ever.And that voice...Good god, not another season of having to listen to those high pitched sounds!


If I continue to watch the show, it will be because there's nothing else on. I was almost angry when after the premiere, scenes from next week's episode were shown - why oh why did we have to do a time jump and learn only of Arizona's survival at the end of this week's episode?!! Bailey's bumpy bumps are completely TMI - NOT in the hospital, PLEASE!! Put me right off my dinner, it did!! No, no - the show has gone on too long now - should've ended with Izzie and George... Good night, McSteamy; sweet dreams!


I think Addison should have been there, too. Saying goodbye to Mark. Nobody informed her that Mark was dying?


I love this show with all of my heart and when this episode aired I legit lost it. I was crying the whole episode and I mean I'm EXTREMELY upset that Mark and Lexie are both gone but I know that it wasn't really Shonda's fault. Chyler Leigh wanted to leave the show and Eric Dane also did. Shonda said that she didn't really want to kill off Mark it's just that there was no other options. He never would of just left the hospital especially with Arizona's leg problem and he wouldn't leave Sophia and Callie. So yes I'm depressed that they are gone but it was for a reason. And I'm not a fan of the interns but we kind of need them because the original cast are residents so they need to have interns.


I'm finished! You don't kill off two main characters who were so well liked.I cannot picture Derek without Mark, and Meridith without Lexie! I will not watch this show again.


It was disappointing. And just last year Shonda said she wasn't going to add ANY more cast. And now we have 2 many. Now where was Julia and Addison? Should have showed the rescue 1st and then this episode. No way to explain it now....we know Mark is dead and Arizona lost her leg.


I have been following Grey's since the beginning. I am done now. I don't know where they are going from there now, but they should have ended the show with the last season. Won't be watching it anymore. I am done with new interns, and all the crap around. Huge mistake! And I am not the only one! Same for Private Practice as well. I have two evenings available now! I am a free woman! LOL!


I too am in the state of disbelief, its hitting me in phases that Mark Sloan, I mean MARK SLOAN died...see when Lexie died it was big yes but it wasn't this BIG,,,Mark has had so much history in Grey's, he was the reason why Derek moved to Seattle in the first place and ended up meeting Meredith, Mark has been Derek's best friend his only brother almost all of Derek's life, he was Best Man at Derke ad Addison's wedding, he has history with Addison,when Derke's mother came we saw he has a special bond with her too and with all of Derek's sisters....they were all a family and all of them go way way back...and then in Seattle he formed a family with Callie and Arizona...and he became a teacher to Jackson....he had a special Dirty Mistresses bond with Mer too....he touched far too may lives, he changed far too many lives. he was right in the middle of its damn hard to accept and to say good bye...he is McSteamy after all, the only only one who could have give McDreamy a run for his money, the only one around whom Derek was not Derek Shepherd the Neuro god, the most perfect man in the whole wide world, he was just a lil boy around Mark, a lil boy fooling around with his best friend....Gah i am going to miss miss him and m going to miss Derek and Mark's friendship, it was one of the most beautiful relationships of Grey's, hell they both survived sleeping with wives, they could have survived anything together, Mark was right Derek wld never ever find a friend as good as Mark EVER


1. Every scene was amazing! Loved this episode in its entirety. Altho when Bailey finds out what her nickname meant. That was hillarious!!!

2. Don't care about the interns, but they will probably be a device to show Alex, Mer and Christina how they started.

3. Christina will be back, she hates being part of a team. She wants to be a rock star all on her own. But I'm pretty sure Mayo will fire her.

4. I really thought arizona died. She's just gonna irritate me with her oh woe is me thing. She lost a leg. She's alive. She's well. Mark and Lexie are dead. I know this sounds callous but she does need to snap out of it. Also if she never kicked Alex of the case, she would be fine. Her leg was probably infected. And the only recourse was to cut it.

5. Mark, you were an amazing friend. You were the catalyst that brought and end to a failed marriage and pushed ur best friend to find his soul mate. You are now with your Soul Mate. Rest In Peace.

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