Grimm Review: A Grimm Confession

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After a few weeks off from an early start, Grimm settled back into its Friday night slot with "The Good Shepherd."

Sadly for Grimm, however,tonight tried telling a mostly procedural story rather than a serial one, and the show stumbled a bit because of it. However, aside from said stumble, there were a few moments that were more than worth the price of admission.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Monroe Works To Reconnect

Moment 1: Juliette
Juliette’s memory loss continues to be such an intriguing element to Grimm this season, and I truly enjoy the awkwardness between Nick and Juliette. I know that’s a little weird to say, but a lot of it has to do with them having small scenes together that add up to the love they once shared.

At times Juliette’s go-to line of “I’m really trying” can fall flat, and it’s nice to get some reassurance with some showing instead of telling. The scene with Nick and Juliette exemplifies this because Juliette has every reason to get her own place. Nick is a stranger to her, she literally doesn’t know him, but instead both of them decide to go with their guts and stick around.

In that moment it felt like Juliette and Nick rekindled some of the spark they’ve lost.

On the other side of the coin are Renard and the flashback of his kiss with Juliette. I wonder if the potion that turned him into a “human” temporarily also brought all of those feelings flooding in. I keep expecting once Juliette and Renard cross paths that there will be some kind of Cinderella and Prince Charming reunion of sorts as he is the one who broke her slumber, not Nick.

Moment 2: Secret Agent Monroe
While Nick’s trailer can be seen as his arsenal, it’s really Monroe (and Rosalee) that acts as Nick’s secret weapon. Monroe has the access and Blutbad pedigree to go where Nick can’t in the Wesen world, and that really shined for him here.

It also gave Monroe the chance to have a decently defined role in Nick’s life. As more people have come into Nick’s secret, Monroe has continually lost ground in his partnership. When Rosalee came to town, Monroe no longer needed to provide the Blutbad way of curing things. When Hank learned of the secret, Monroe had lost ground in being a confidant to Nick.

Moment 3: Nick – 3 Bad Guys – 0
The Nuckelavee, for being a creature that bides his time and plans carefully, sure didn’t plan on meeting his maker - but as we’ve witnessed time and time again Nick is always prepared for the royally hired Wesen.

However, the Nuckelavee getting his butt kicked isn’t even the best part: Nick’s reaction to him is. While we know Nick has no real qualms about taking the life of those sent to murder him, his reaction to seeing the drawing of the key seems to really set him off.

Nick didn’t want to send this guy back with a message. No, Nick wanted to erase all trails of him. A lot of that has to do with Juliette and keeping her safe. Nick’s life, and that house, has been such a hotbed for the shady Wesen world that he’s really trying to keep that part of his life hidden, and seeing that drawing makes him realize that he’s failing at doing so.

But Nick also knows the value of the key, and he knows that it needs to be kept safe no matter what.

I just wish Nick would begin putting together Renard…maybe Juliette is the start of that?

Other thoughts:

  • Adalind Schade’s Claire Coffee was promoted to a series regular this week.
  • Really? A letter opener?
  • Hank is really being distanced from Nick. Can he only see Blutbads? What’s the extent of what he can and can’t see?
  • I’m ready for a return of Mama Burkhardt.


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I love Juliette. I think she's great. I don't get why some people don't see the spark between her and nick. They are both very grounded characters. They reached that certain point in their relationship where they don't need to be all over eachother all of the time. I also don't get why some people don't have the patience to sit and wait and watch the building up of some of the storylines. Only soup and noodles come as an instant.


SICK TO DEATH OF THE JULIETTE NO MEMORY! BAHHHH!!!! BORING! Too Soap Operaish for me. Come on....How does she know Monroe and NOT NICK! Gimme a break!


There must be significance in Hank's surname - Griffin. After all, the Griffin gets a mention in at least one of the Grimms' tales, and this series is big on surnames hinting at a deeper meaning. Also, traditionally Griffins guard treasure ...


I have to agree with KansasGuest. I just don't care. We're told that Nick is suffering, but we're not being shown that very much, which makes hard to feel sorry for the situation. Aside from the ocasional one/two scene(s) where Juliette apears in every episode, she keeps on being useless to the moving forward of the plot or to the fun of the series (as it was before she lost her memory).
I have no grudge against the actress, but the writers just need to make me care for her character or I'll keep wishing she were gone and someone else more interesting would apear in Nick's life. As KansasGuest said, as it is now, his friends and job are enough for the story.


PART II...causes her kingdom to fall asleep for 100 years. Phillip battles Maleficent the evil fairy/black dragon to free the kingdom. Two completely different fairy tales.


*YAWN* This was an average episode, plot-wise. I like Nick, Hank & Monroe interacting now that nothing has to be hidden from Hank. I like Nick & Hank's scenes w/Renard as they try to solve the crime of the week. And, I like Sgt. Wu in any scene because his expressions are fun to watch. BUT...*thud*...I'm bored to tears with Juliette's plight. I. Just. Don't. Care. Dare I say it? Renard miscalculated. Nick is doing fine without having Juliet as an emotional anchor. He has his job, his calling as a Grimm, two best friends, and the Assassin of the Week to keep him busy. BTW, Nick, you clearly are not well-versed in the Disney Princess world. FYI, Juliette's fairytale equivalent is Aurora, aka Briar Rose; not Cinderella. In the Disney animated movie, her Prince's name is Phillip; not Charming. Cinderella is the one who wears the glass slipper & loses her gorgeous ballgown at midnight. Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a spindle & causes her kingdom to fall asleep for 100 years. Two completely different fairy tales.


I was actually fine with the procedural - I think if they try to focus too much on the mythos, it might get more complex than it needs to be (see X-Files, Lost etc). I think having elements of the serial scattered in each procedural is a pretty good way to go. @Nick - that's a great explanation as to why Nick dumped the dude in the river. Never thought about that. That being said, I loved this episode. For one, this was the first time I felt any real spark/chemistry between Juliette and Nick, and I was really happy about that. But I'm also fascinated by Renard and that always, we're left wondering "what is up with Renard??" Also, Hank is FINALLY watchable! Gotta say I didn't see the ending coming. I totally thought Monroe was gonna have to protect the sheep people - their stampede surprised the heck out of me LOL. It was great!


Every time Monroe is on a solo mission someone tries to kill/abduct/injure him. Things should pick up next episode.


This show continues to intrigue me, the writers find unexpected twists and turns. I love these characters and the actors make me believe in them. Nick and Monroe are excellent foils. Always want the return of Mama B. Love this show.

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