Jeanne Tripplehorn Debuts on Criminal Minds: Hit or Miss?

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The Criminal Minds Season 8 premiere tossed Jeanne Tripplehorn right into the thick of it, as the new cast member - in the role of BAU member Alex Blake - helped the team investigate The Silencer, a murderer who sews the mouths of his victims shut.

Pretty standard for this CBS procedural, really.

Jeanne Tripplehorn on Criminal Minds

What did you think of the show's return? Of the Case of the Week? And of Tripplehorn's debut in particular?

Sound off now on the actress' first appearance:

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I think Blake herself looks like a serial killer. I too hated the actress. All i could think about was that they had a chance to add in someone new and fresh and they add someone who has absolutely NOOOOOO appeal and a character who's so rude, there's a difference between someone who doesn't know how to blend in social relationships but this one was made to be so arrogant, how the heck can they work as a team with someone like that on board???


Please replace Jeanne she brings nothing to the show. It's forcing me to look elsewhere for shows. She has no appeal.


Jeanne Tripplehorn IS absolutely the WORST choice to play a BAU agent on Criminal Minds!! And she is HORRIBLE on the show! I won't watch the new episodes because she is on the show! Get her character off the show!


My dad and I love the show but we have stoped watching it cause we dont like her.


Much preferred Rachel Nichols to Jeanne Tripplehorn. Unfortunately, Jeanne is a little too old to be an active member of the team and not a good choice for the group anyway. Of all the aspiring actors out there, they had to pick a has-been who's not very good acting in this series.


Cutting in Morgan part was great. I don't care about this guy. Or more precisely to say, I don't think real FBI would take this muscle only Still I think this new character is not fit in the show at all.


I am very disappointed with the addition of Tripplehorn. There also seems to be something terribly wrong with the writing. I think she is actually ruining the quality of the show. It is very uncomfortable when she is on the screen. I think I am feeling embarress
ed for her.


Criminal Minds is one of our favorite shows however..Jean Tripplehorn is out of her element. She brings NOTHING to the show. Get rid of her before she ruins the show.


Here is is Nov 25th and I still cannot abide Jeanne in this role. Get her off before you kill the show entirely. Blame budget cuts then use the remaining good and strong characters to fill the role. Just get rid of her.


Wow! Can the show get any worse!? The last few episodes have been boring. We're just about ready to quit watching it. We love all the reruns on ION and watch them, but the main show is not good with the new member.