Jerrika Hutton Cast as Grey's Anatomy Intern

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Jerrika Hutton has been cast as a new face at Seattle Grace. According to ABC, she will recur during Grey's Anatomy Season 9 as a Seattle Grace intern. She even blogged a photo from the set (below).

The actress' credits include guest-starring turns on Scandal Season 1 (Shonda Rhimes loves to re-use her stars).

She's also appeared on Bones as well as Lie to Me. It's unclear when she will first appear on the medical drama.

What do you think we can expect, if anything significant, from this new recurring character?

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Agree, the show is about a group of surgeons who started as interns, that now 8 seasons later are attendings, it's interesting we practically grew up with them. I am more interested to see them like that, than younger newbies like this one.


I really hope there isn't anymore changing on the show. I already loved the show before all these changes and now I just feel like it's not Grey's anymore. I mean don't get me wring I am a die hard Grey's fan and I always will be no matter what happens to the show but I don't like how we have all these new characters because that means more story lines. I just hope Grey's doesn't get to crowded.


i really want izzi to come back she is the only one who is a love intres for Krevvvvv so please bring her back


@daron the show was and is about a specific group of surgeons. it was meant to follow them all the way through. it was never about just random young surgeons. anyone who has been watching since day one or has ever read any interview with shonda knows that the main cast has been the focus from the beginning and will be till the end of the series. I suppose i just really do not want this to be a show that runs past its time, and aiming for 10 years give shonda a chance to complete their journey. once they make attending then everything will be finished and thats when a new cast would come in or hopefully they end the show all together.


Please bring back Izzie


Love the young ones on Greys - mainly the series is about young surgeons. But also I think it is about the mix on greys :D I love watching the "old ones" grow even more - season by season - and the new ones taking on the same challenges mer and christina had in the past.
I think that greys needs its original characters, in order not to lose the depth and intensity and the new ones to bring the fun!


@Sarah I agree with you of the all of the Original characters are in there mid 30's and 40's this show was intend for young doctors so it can use some more youthful people.


@SARAH... seriously... if thats how you feel then why even watch it.. the show is about them going through the motions while becoming surgeons. and the reason they use to have them do things like someone a little younger is to keep interest of people like you. and if you watch the show... you would know they dont even go to joes bar anymore, its usually a party with some wine and food if they do anything. id rather the show end with closure than a younger cast come on.. if they turned it into another ER then they would be better off making a new show all together instead. besides shonda has said in almost every interview that the new cast members are special guest stars that more than likely will NOT be made regulars and will be used to show the other side of the hospital and the other location she plans on using this season.


It's Alex's new love interest.

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