Joseph Morgan Scoops Season 4, Hopes to Regain Body

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A number of issues face Klaus as we head into The Vampire Diaries Season 4, namely:

Will he ever regain his body? And will he end up the very lucky man on the arm of Caroline Forbes?

As Joseph Morgan teases in the following interview, the answer to the first question will most likely be yes... unless Michael Trevino is willing to do all his work for him. But when it comes to a future for Klaroline?

See what the beloved actor has to say about that now:

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I would like Klaul to stay rough and tough and have a torrid affair with Caroline. Don't have Klaus go soft like Damon pleaseeeeee. I used to like Damon when he was tough but now he is just such a pathetic crybaby. Season 4 will have Damon chasing/crying over Elena. Elena will be torn between Damon and Stefan. The writers made Stefan's character so ridiculous. I mean seriously a guy is gonna save another guy over the love of his life. It's like the writer's are purposely making Stefan look stupid. Only 2 reasons for that, 1. Because Ian (Damon) is the fave in the writer's room or should I say Kevin William's and they writ sh-tty stuff for everyone except Damon. 2. They are so desperate for the Damon and Elena hook up they'd write anything. Either way I'm bored with Damon and Elena and there, you want me no you don't you want me no you don't crap. Here is HOPING that Klaus and the Original's can make up for what the vampire diaries are desperately lacking.


Usually the questions you would ask a villian is what is your master plan. But they ask him about Caroline. His character has become so lame. I don't even know if you can even call him a villian! Here's a question to ask Morgan or Plec. Why did he turns so many werewolves into hybrids and where are all his hybrids!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

The idea that a show could validate such a crackship only even stronger embodies of just how misogynistic and sexist the writers of this show are.


Psshhh Klaus is the Easter bunny compared to Bill Nighy as Viktor in the UNDERWORLD films....Hell even Tom Cruse as Lestat is more wicked than this love struck asshat !!.


I hope that klaus and Caroline will be together!!! Go Klaroline :):) :)


I hope that Klaus


I will never be a fan of Klaus/Caroline. She deserves better than that pyscho.

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