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While I missed Sophie and Nate a little this week's first offering of Leverage, it was incredible to see Eliot, Hardison and Parker stepping up and doing what they do best to save lives. Watching all three use the full extent of their talent made "The Rundown Job" my favorite Leverage episodes this season.

How awesome was Eliot when he gave Hardison the pep-talk? I think this is the nicest thing Eliot has ever said to Hardison:

You're the smartest guy I've ever known Hardison. I need that brain to get me to him, cause if you know I lay my hands on him, it's done. | permalink

Between those words and fighting Udall after being shot in the shoulder, Eliot reminded us what he does best. It looked like the pep-talk was exactly what Hardison needed, too, as he stepped up right after that and got busy. 

While we are speaking of Hardison, I loved the visual styling the show used where it overlaid his hacking on the screen so we had a feel for what Hardison was doing. Of course, it was equally as cool when he intercepted the keys to the corvette and threw them to Eliot. I wonder how many takes that took to get right. 

Parker Tries to Stop an Attack

We also saw a more limber side of Parker, first when she worked her way across the laser guarded vault and then again when she disarmed the claymore mine. If you watch the latter again, look at Parker’s face as she climbs around on Hardison, there is genuine fun and affection in Beth Riesgraf's expression that makes the scene that much more fun. 

Parker was in excellent form all around, from getting out of her cuffs with Vance to taking the briefcase off of Udall during his monologue. I laughed so hard when Vance pointed out that she was already out of her cuffs. 

Did anyone else see her using the mini blowtorch to burn the gas as it vented from the brief case? I didn’t but realized how brilliant it was as she did it. Well done, Parker, you earned that spare diamond.

Of course, Angel fans out there would roast me alive if I didn’t mention the return visit of Christian Kane’s former co-star Adam Baldwin as Col. Vance. Given his insistence at the end that Eliot should consider working for him again, I suspect this will not be the last we have seen of Vance – and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The team could use more powerful contacts on their side, and I think Vance is at the top of a short list in that respect. 

Leverage takes a chance when it moves away from the “client of the week” episodes. Sometimes it missed the mark completely, but this episode took the very pieces of the show we love and put them on large doses of caffeine. The action was fast, the comedy was funny and the Leverage quotes were very enjoyable.  

Don’t forget to head over to the second half of this week’s double feature to see what Sophie and Nate were up to while Eliot, Parker and Hardison were in DC. 


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Love that this show takes chances and ups the ante. It's what we've come to expect of Timothy Hutton for over 30 years but seeing that the producers of TV make use of it is remarkable. Both shows were excellent. reinforcing the bond of the entire team. even when working on different missions. I hope they follow this trend more often. It's good to know we'll be seeing more of this show. As with some other TV series, they show how much "movies" made for the theatre suck. All the good writers and actors are showing up on TV. Way to go... I had much rather watch entertainment in my clean home than in the filthy movies theaters that are the norm.


Loved, loved, loved this episode. There was all sorts of yummies. I especially liked the Parker/Hardison hotness which we have seen precisely zero of this year. I hope they allow some closeness between these two characters during the remainder of the season, even though they have already used their rationed one kiss per year. Liked Eliot's the haircut also. While I love long hair on a guy, it just seems way more practical for a guy who fights for a living.


Am I the only one who was driven nuts by Adam Baldwin's hair in this episode? It looked, frankly, terrible on him! That said, it was great to see him again. I loved him on both Chuck and Firefly, and I always look forward to when he pops up on other series! And, it was nice to see the Leverage team make a powerful ally- after all, it usually, quite literally, their business to take down powerful people.


That first half with the "kids " was INCREDIBLE!!! Everything from the fraternal moments between Eliot and Hardison (the pep talks and the humor and the rigged floor... and the bro hug, all of it) to the Parker and Hardison love being front and center more than ever. The fighting sequences and Parker 's gymnast like abilities....all were so well choreographed. And loved them displaying the tech stuff like that. My favorite Leverage moments are usually when the familial bond that they have really comes through...and this episode had plenty of that and some. It was also so intense that it had me on the edge of my seat from the moment it started. Easily without a doubt my favorite episode of the season and one of my favorite episodes of the series. Seeing as those three are my favorite characters on a show where I like them all it wasn't too shocking when I realized I didn't miss Sophie or Nate once.


Wow, these are two of the best episodes of the entire series! Everyone was clearly at the top of their game! I'm so glad that the show has developed each character so well that they can do episodes like this. The emotional connections that the characters have made to each other over the years is what made these episodes possible and fantastic. SO IMPRESSED!


Loved this episode, this is by far my favorite of the season so far. After this episode they should renew Leverage for a 6th season


THIS EPISODE WAS AWESOME! loved it and everything abt it..except for missing Nate and Sophie... the rest was amazing... the acting incredible... storyline GREAT.. action scenes WOW... and of course .. BOOM.. special effects out of this world! HATS OFF to everyone involved in this amazing show.. thanks for the article..!


Just Joan...Obviously Adam Baldwin has been in lots of things, but he was with Christian in Angel, although not for many episodes.


Loved the season finale! Very exciting. I now love Eliot even more than ever!
Everyone is just great.


I LOVED both hours, the first one a litte more cause I love Parker but both were great because it showed they can do a show seperate from just clients. But I was so pissed watching this one though cause they filmed the Max part at the zoo which is so close to where I live, they where by me and I didn't know. But yes VERY good.

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Hardison: We're thieves' man; we're good at what we do. But this is way, way out of our league.
You accept us to catch some psycho city killer, a country killer?
Eliot: You scared?
Hardison: You're damn right.
Eliot: I'm not, I've got the best thief and the smartest guy I know chasing this guy.

Eliot: I'm gonna keep her alive. You guys found a way to get her out of here.
Hardison: With what?
Eliot: You stole a Michelangelo with tinfoil and chewing gum, figure it out!