Lost Girl Review: Blood Bond

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The Garuda versus Bo and her blood united team was the mission in the season 2 finale of Lost Girl, "Flesh and Blood." The Garuda didn't stand a chance, though the battle was not without some close calls.

While I never expected any of the core team to be at risk, I was surprised everyone made it out alive. As soon as Hale's sister showed up, I thought she would be the sacrificial goner. Instead, there were a few close calls with Vex breaking his arm, Kenzi getting nearly sliced in half and Trick being posessed by the Garuda.

But they all survived.

Bo & Lauren Argue With Trick

The revelation from the Garuda fight was the manifestation of Bo's blood power and a "Dark Bo." It was heartening to see that Bo was concerned about turning into her mother. She went to great lengths to make sure that didn't happen.

When Bo made Kenzi promise to kill her if she was overtaken with power was one of the most heartbreaking moments on Lost Girl. The bond between Bo and Kenzi is as strong as any two people can be to each other. It was because of that that Kenzi agreed to do the unthinkable -- kill Bo. 

Even when Kenzi was near death, her first concern was keeping her promise to Bo. She kept up her end of the deal, even though Bo broke it out of the love for Trick. Though, in that moment, Bo was fine; it wasn't until later that she started to turn dark. 

While Kenzi broke the blood bond between the team, the darkness didn't entirely leave Bo. The end was scary. How much has Bo turned? Will she be able to control it? Or, is she destined to turn dark?

Bo wasn't the only one changed. Kenzi is undergoing a transformation herself due to the black goop that got on her at the Norn's. Will she become permanently Fae-infected? She's had so many close calls that it wouldn't be unexpected. Is it possible for a human to become a Fae? Or, gain Fae powers?

When Lost Girl returns for season 3, will we get the Bo and Kenzi that we love back? Or, will they be taken to the dark side? We will have to wait until January to find out. It will also be months before we find out how Bo will react to Dyson having his love back.

At this point, Bo is passionately in love with Lauren. Their kiss -- wow! But, Dyson was correct that if Lauren wants to get out from under the Ash's control, now is the time to do it. I expect that Lauren would find that price too high. She loves Bo and if she has to stay with the Ash to remain with Bo, she'll do it.

Besides, now that Dyson has his love back, he offered that option to Lauren to free the path to Bo. It's intriguing that he hasn't told Bo yet. Did he wait because he didn't want to create a distraction during their Garuda fight? Is he afraid of her response? Does he see she is happy with Lauren and doesn't want to disrupt that? His intentions have been unclear. 

Whenever Bo finds out, it will be a moment to watch. Will she jump into his arms? Or, will she remain faithful to Lauren? As you see there are lots of questions about Bo and her loves and those are answers we will have to wait for season 3 to get.

Were you happy with the finale? What do you want to see happen next season?


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Lucy K, not only do I NOT want a Dyson/Bo reunion, but here's a repeat of the VERY first post I wrote here: "I'm a Dyson fan, but this episode wasn't him at his best. In fact, the only characters that I really liked in this episode were Kenzi, Hale and Trick."
That's an objective viewpoint. I've avoided giving my honest opinion about Lauren, because it always results in an instant full-fledged personal attack by the Lauren police (do they patrol every site?). In fact, the last "discussion" was so unpleasant, that I decided to respect the wish of Lauren fans and not say bad things about her. Those same fans, however, had no reservations bashing Dyson on this thread (what's that saying about glass houses?), so I decided to be a honest again! And like clockwork, the site exploded again! It's quite extraordinary!


so he could have Bo all for himself. And I'm not even bringing up the idiocy of the "SLEEP WITH ME" scene. Dyson and Lauren are pretty much on equal footing on everything else, i.e The omitting to protect Bo (season 1) and even to protect themselves when it was convenient (Ciara/Nadia).


*What baffles me is the lengths that fans will go to defend or justify the actions of their favorite, while simultaneously bashing another character for the most trivial things*
What baffles me is that this is something you are also guilty of, especially having started the whole argument here, so spare us the hypocrisy. People keep harping on a conversation because that was divisive to their relationship. You can go back when episode 1.12 aired in Canada/US and see how people reacted to it. See Brian's comment below. And unfortunately, it is what molded Dyson to who he is now. He IS a selfish character [no one is saying he does not act selflessly]. When he told Bo he didn't want anyone else touching her, he wasn't thinking of anyone but himself. And, really, even if you excuse most of his season 2 actions on the curse (which I also do on atrocious writing), Dyson was already "whole" when he tried to manipulate Lauren into leaving (which no doubt would have crushed Bo) so he could have Bo all for himself. Dyson and Lauren are pretty much on equal footing on everything else, i.e the omitting to protect Bo (season 1) and even to protect themselves when it was convenient (Ciara/Nadia).


Ughhhh.....stupid comments box!! I give up too....


It seems futile to argue over which character is morally better, because they are all flawed in many ways. Both Dyson and Lauren have had their not-so-shining moments, but their intentions are usually good (even if sometimes misguided). Also, the question of who is better for Bo is a moot argument because ultimately, they both deserve more than anything Bo can give them and are both more likely to be hurt by Bo than vice versa. I get that Bo is a Succubus, but that shouldn't absolve her of everything and it certainly shouldn't give her license to use whoever she wants or hurt the people she cares for, even if it's inadvertent. Bo may have certain tendencies and urges that come with being a Succubus, but none of us are experts enough to fully understand what it means. People are rarely defined by the label they're given and if Bo is still learning about herself, none of us can really know what she's capable of doing or not doing. I also think that the only person that Bo has ever demonstrated a true commitment to is Kenzi and a lot of the plot focusses around their friendship far more than any of her romantic attachments.


What baffles me is the lengths that fans will go to defend or justify the actions of their favorite, while simultaneously bashing another character for the most trivial things. I really don’t have a strong stance on the whole Lauren/secret girlfriend storyline. Lauren’s actions were shady, but I can actually empathize with her reasoning. I mentioned the topic to highlight the lack of objectivity in a lot of the comments. Lauren does something wrong and it’s excusable, because her motivations are pure and unselfish. Dyson tries to do something good, but it means nothing, because everything he does is motivated by a selfish need to control others. That kind of viewpoint is unbalanced and extremely biased. And why do people keep harping on a relatively innocuous conversation between Dyson and Bo 23 seasons ago? I didn’t think it was a big deal then….and I still don’t.


You know what was an easy decision? Abandoning the plan that had been in place for Bo to defeat the Garuda when Dyson breezes back into town (after taking off AGAIN) and says that he is the key to defeating the Garuda. To be fair, Dyson isn't completely to blame for this, I totally think Bo is partially at fault as well. His motive? He wasn't thinking about the rest of the Fae. He was thinking if he succeeded he'd get his love back. That was purely selfish and egotistical move and he was lucky that Ciara was the only one that got killed.


Was Dyson being any less selfish by getting into a relationship with Ciara when he knew he couldn't love her? Bo didn't know Lauren was owned by the Ash so what? She didn't know Dyson was working for Trick either. So Lauren had to make the decision in 1X07 to destroy the Clubhouse w/Kenzi, Hale and Bo still inside but again it's not like it was an easy decision. It was sacrifice them or risk the entire city.


It is no secret both Lauren and Dyson are jealous of Bo and hurt when she is with others. Lauren is more understanding by default because she can not fulfill Bo's needs. Even if they were to live a normal life and Bo would not have to heal, she would still have to feed. That is why she is "ok" with her having to sleep with others (2.01, 2.05, 2.10) when necessary. Because Bo refuses to feed off Lauren, she would have to seek somewhere else. Dyson assumes he is all Bo needs, when that is clearly not the case. She would still need to feed off other people in order to not endeanger his life and I think he hates the fact that he can't be there 100% more than he does having to "share" her.


Funny how people only see what they want to see. "Making sexual decisions for your patient based on your preferences (especially when you have skin in the game) is unprofessional and an abuse of power."
Except she didn't. She advised her, she didn't tell her what to do. There is no such thing as abuse of power when you are giving the person the free will to choose. "She wanted a commitment from morning 1. Remember Kayla?"
Sure thing. That's when Lauren wasn't even an option. Kayla happened and then she was. Vexed happened, and then she wasn't. The Norn happened and then she was. Nadia happened and then she wasn't. Bo only jumps from one to the other when something or someone makes the other unavailable to her.

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