NCIS Burning Question: Where is McGee?

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Where is Tim?

It's a question many NCIS fans have been asking since May, and one Gary Glasberg touched on in a recent interview with Xfinity. Regarding why McGee isn't in any Season 10 promos, the executive producer says:

"You know what? Everyone reacted to the promo we put out because we didn’t see him. I wish I could take credit for that. I am happy everyone is guessing. McGee has an interesting story."

"He is always there for us for any technological snafu. There is some really fun stuff that is coming up with him. We are going to touch on his personal life. It is no mistake that he talks to his grandmother and discusses his father."

"We will have to see later in the season where that goes."

A Tim McGee Pic

For anyone concerned that McGee had somehow been killed off ... exhale.

Regarding the overall theme of this season and beyond, Glasberg adds:

"It is the tenth season of our show. That alone is an accomplishment. Moving forward from season ten, I want to dive into these characters even more than we have in the last ten years."

"Part of that is seeing them when they are facing adversity, when they have been hurt and they are down, and watching them rise back up again. That [common theme], whether it is directly touched upon or indirectly, does sort of carry through in a lot of the storylines that we are doing.”

What do you make of that last quote? Comment below, and follow these links for teases from NCIS Season 10 season premiere, as well as TV Fanatic's exclusive interview with Glasberg for more on the coming season.

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Seriously, I won't start NCIS addicted if not bcoz of McGee, good thing that Sean had sign the contract till season 13, NCIS without McGee is Unthinkable


mcgee is awesome he is the best and to all of you out there that hate him you are a bitch and if any one who replaces him shall pay the price even though im 12 years old does not mean i cant say any thing


I would like to know about McGee's computer on th show. I has a blue back lit keyboard, is that available in stores? I don't have perfect vision and that is just plain awesome.


Regarding Tim's weight? Was he sick or on a diet. His voice changed to a softer tonality which almost sounds forced? Did the weight loss have anything to do with it? BTW I don't think he is boring at all, he allows pure niceness to have a place at the table.


I like the suggestion of Gerald McRaney as the Admiral. I was thinking his former "Simon and Simon" costar, Jameson Parker would also fit the role but I believe he may be semi-retired and they both may skew a bit old for the part. So I suppose it'll just have to be Tom Selleck. What? I like Tom Selleck, lol. Okay, mostly I just hope they don't "fix" Tim's relationship with his dad. Not every family has to get along just like not every crime has to be solved or Gibbs doesn't always have to be right...but I digress, g.


Well, I have my reservations about seeing more Tim this season. We've seen where those promises for the premiere got us: one lovable little scene of Gibbs showing at long last some concern for Tim. I'm going to cherish that for a long time, for I fear us Tim-fans will always be left in the cold - with the exception of one or two Tim-centric episodes.
It's all about Gibbs and Ziva, or rather Tiva.
Sean, IMHO, is an underrated actor. Love him for being such a humble and normal guy. I'd love to see him more. I really do.


I love Mcgee i like to see his father appear i think Gerald McRaney would make a great one


Aycliffe may feel that McGee is boring in comparison to the others, but I like the character BECAUSE he is NOT Gibbs or Ziva or Tony. I've enjoyed watching the growth of this character who doesn't fit the mold of a fictionalized, action-oriented government agent. McGee makes a nice contrast to the sharpshooting marine/ wise-cracking ex-cop/ beautiful-but-deadly assassin. Even with his computer skills, he's likeable, ordinary guy whom you want to see succeed.


Please continue with the quality of the scripts and except for discontinuing the character played by Jamie Leigh Curtis, leave the cast intact. Guest shots are OK (especially Robert Wagner) but the regular cast is what we tune in for every week.


I'm so glad that Sean has put on some weight. He was toooo skinny in recent seasons!

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