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Is Charlotte Grayson alive?

We asked Christa B. Allen this on the phone yesterday. The actress was tight-lipped about her character's fate, but a new and fairly revealing clip from Sunday's Revenge season premiere sheds light on the subject.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead ...

Might the character be deceased and the actress is seen only in flashbacks?

It's possible, as Revenge has been known to skew timelines and chronology. It appears not, however. From the looks of this sneak peek, Charlotte survived her overdose, but Conrad wants to keep her locked up.

Why? Will his plan succeed? What does she whisper to Emily at that brief moment? Is Victoria really dead, and if not, how and when will the Ice Queen make her return to the Hamptons?

What other bombshells can we expect on the second season premiere?

Follow this link for all the Revenge clips teasing the new season. Then share your comments below on what you predict will happen beginning this Sunday when the guilty pleasure drama returns to ABC ...

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But what was with the voice-over guy??


I can't be more excited for Revenge! This sneak peek was awesome and I was sure it was Charlotte hugging Emily in the initial promo.


Oh, I'm loving this clip. Charlotte whispering something to Emily makes me think that they are in fact getting closer, perhaps in future Charlotte might become an ally. Or Maybe Emily's plans will now include saving her sister as well.




I have a feeling we have seen the first 10 minutes of Revenge's season premiere with the first scene being Em arriving at Nolan's gym...then Em & Nolan at Em's house..then the memorial event we saw at the end of the recap last night. I actually wouldn't be surprised if this is all pre credit clips and Charlotte whispers to Emily and we focus on Em's face and we see whatever the opening of revenge is for this chapter and commercial break.


Oh la lah!!! Watching this clip has made me miss revenge so much more... I'm so excited to see the new season!! I don't believe Victoria is dead, someone obviously tried to
Kill one of the most powerful and rich women in the Hamptons... She'd be hidden for protection. Daniel and lottle miss sneaky are obviously together... I believe this is the couple we may see getting married. Nolan is at his best as always, Conrad is overly conniving and As for Charlotte telling Emily a secret... Em's facial expression shows just how juicy this is... I can't wait to find out what was said!!! :)

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

[on Victoria] You think she's somewhere looking up at us?


Nolan: What are you gonna do?
Emily: Play a hunch. I need to get a camera in there.