Nina Dobrev Dishes on Elena as a Vampire, Self-Sacrifice and The Prom

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It's senior year. She just got back together with her boyfriend. And... oh... right: she's now an official member of the undead.

Indeed, it will be a busy next few months for Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, as star Nina Dobrev spilled to me during my time on set this week.

What will her character be like as a vampire? How will it affect her relationships? What was Elena's mindset and motivation when she urged Stefan to leave her in the water on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale and rescue Matt instead?

Dobrev dished on all these topics and more in our exclusive sit-down. Watch it now and then check out my chat with Paul Wesley:

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Yea,coz the deal on the show is now about more important things like how to throw your life away & what kind of vampire i wanna be. & I dont buy Elena as a genius high IQ girl,popular maybe,but not genius.


It took me 10 seconds to realize how boring this video


@Amy, according to JP Elena is a genious with a huge IQ so the issue of college and passing exams or even ATTENDING school at this point is not really that much of a deal to anyone on the show anymore.


Even IF she thinks about college,she may have to compel her way in,coz i have never her seen pass any exam or study for an exam or study at all for that matter.

David and sabrina 2014

I can't wait to see how Nina will be like Elena in season 4. There's going to be minor and wild changes coming up. =)


Seriously, that was so boring that I stopped watching halfway through to go take a nap.


Shit shes a hot piece of ass and I would "Do" her good. if she wants a real life Damon Salvatore with all the snark minus the vampire part, she should look no further than right here :)


Vampire diaries rocked season 1 and now it's trying hard to be epic.Step it up please!


It's called having to be quiet because there are people filming on the set that she is doing the interview on

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