Once Upon a Time Season Premiere Clip: Failed Magic

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Citizens of Storybrooke, prepare to meet your Queen!

Wait... let's try that again: Citizens of Storybrooke, prepare to meet your Queen!

Nope. Failed again.

On the Once Upon a Time Season 2 premiere, the cursed gig will be up and the residents of this Maine town will be anything but happy with Regina. How will the mayor fight back? With an attempt to make like her scary fairy tale self. But the consequences won't exactly be what she hoped for. See for yourself:

Once Upon a Time returns on September 30. Check out photos from the season premiere, "Broken," and join TV Fanatic every week for detailed recap, quotes, reviews and Round Tables!

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First of all...Great sneak peek! I can't wait! Second of all... Found a shiny, new ship for myself. Dr. Whale and Regina. Please, make him be someone awesome enough to fit the Evil Queen's badassery. I've waiting for a nice, dark pairing for soooo long!


Jeremy if you're as hooked as I am (no pun intended), then you'll love this awesome group of people on facebook that I found. Led by our fearless leader Pamela, I present to you "Once Upon A Time... Fan Community". Click the link below and by all means tell them Mikey sent ya: https://www.facebook.com/group...

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