Once Upon a Time Season Premiere Pics: Who is Dr. Whale?

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Thank you, ABC.

The network has spent the last few days unveiling a number of photos from a number of its top shows, from the Private Practice season premiere to the Revenge season premiere to the Castle season premiere. All major TV Fanatic favorites.

And now we come to Once Upon a Time, which concluded its opening 22 episodes with a shocker: the curse is broken. The residents of Storybrooke are united with their fairy tale identities. Magic is coming. So... now what?

Click through the following images to see an angry mob gather around Regina and to watch Dr. Whale protect her? Confront her? Seriously, what is this character's deal? Let the theories fly and you browse around the following scenes:

Protecting the Queen?
Dr. Whale Picture
Dr. Whale vs. Emma
Dr. Whale vs. Regina
Regina and the Doctor
Dr. Whale vs. Charming
Storybrooke Anger
Emma and Henry
Henry and Snow
Anger in Storybrooke
Magic in Storybrooke
Once Upon a Time Season 2 Premiere Photo
Fairy Tales in Storybrooke
A Shocked Charming
Henry at Home
Henry and Charming
An Angry Mob
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So... I'm watching the musical version of Peter Pan and while I am a big fan of the Frankenstein theory, I noticed a few things. For example:
Dr whale is a womanizer... Peter Pan has 3 girls that are infatuated with him, tinker bell, tiger lily & Wendy.
He enjoys his new life, he was a boy who could not grow up... Eventually he probably desired these girls but had to grow up to do it.
Has a god complex... No matter what perils Peter always fought to win, like nothing would hurt him.
Captain Hook, in the early promos of Captain Hook, they showed him going into me golds shop to collect his hook. Once he finds out who the charminga are, he figures out how to go back with them to steal his hook back. It's quite possible that Peter Pan had made a deal with rumple to steal his hook as vengeance on hook kidnapping his wife. I
There has to be a reason they are showing the crocadile and the doctor right after each other. Made you think didn't I?


I figured it out!! He's THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF or the wolf who blew down the three little pigs house! When he and Ruby flirted, it would have been like an instinctual "you're a wold. I'm a wolf". OR while we originally thought Ruby was threatened by the potential that he was the wolf, maybe he was the one being threatened now that we know ruby is the wolf. Also, when he approached regina it was in a very "ill huff, puff, and blow your house down" kind of a way. And his name is "Dr. Whale"...if you don't take it so literal it can be "wail" like "cry". The boy who CRIED wolf! Regina also says "listening to you has made us all suffer"..another BOY WHO CRIED WOLF hint


i think he's peter pan.. Captain hook is supposed to show up this season and i haven't heard anything about any guest stars who will play peter yet...so he could be peter pan


Question: What does Doctor Frankenstein have to do with Fairy Tales/Disney Fairy Tales???


I thought the doctor looked a lot like one the kings knights that captured charming when snow white shot him with the arrow.. or when the first son (charmings twin) was killed.


I have a theory but I could be completely wrong. Dr Whales could be Dr Jekyll from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...


I dont think hes frankenstine, although im not sure i even have a clue who to think he is. what male baddies are there in the stories? jafar? thats the only one i can think of


I think too that Whale is too involved in everything to be Frankenstein, and that is a more centered story character. He's too close to Regina for anything less.


I love the theory for Dr. Whale being Dr.Frankenstein. But to tell you the truth i always expected him to be part of the Snow White tale. He is too involved in Regina's plans and her war against Emma so there must be a history there; like it happened with Sydney.


Oh yeah. I remember discussing the Frankenstein theory a while back. Some guy- Dan or Don- I think his name was- posted it on the Official OUAT fb fan page back in like, July. I remember commenting back and forth with him about it :) Good theory!