Once Upon a Time Season Premiere Pics: Who is Dr. Whale?

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Thank you, ABC.

The network has spent the last few days unveiling a number of photos from a number of its top shows, from the Private Practice season premiere to the Revenge season premiere to the Castle season premiere. All major TV Fanatic favorites.

And now we come to Once Upon a Time, which concluded its opening 22 episodes with a shocker: the curse is broken. The residents of Storybrooke are united with their fairy tale identities. Magic is coming. So... now what?

Click through the following images to see an angry mob gather around Regina and to watch Dr. Whale protect her? Confront her? Seriously, what is this character's deal? Let the theories fly and you browse around the following scenes:

Protecting the Queen?
Dr. Whale Picture
Dr. Whale vs. Emma
Dr. Whale vs. Regina
Regina and the Doctor
Dr. Whale vs. Charming
Storybrooke Anger
Emma and Henry
Henry and Snow
Anger in Storybrooke
Magic in Storybrooke
Once Upon a Time Season 2 Premiere Photo
Fairy Tales in Storybrooke
A Shocked Charming
Henry at Home
Henry and Charming
An Angry Mob

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Interesting theory about Dr. Whale being the doctor of Frankenstein. At least I think that is what the person was saying below, unless they meant the monster Frankenstein. I had at least two guesses when it came to Pinnochio, but with Dr. Whale I just can't figure him out. It will be interesting to find out who he is finally.


Well based on the photos, it's obvious that Henry survives at least...


You have to love Sheriff Swan. She looking at Dr.Whale stating she will not back off.


(I had to post this in multiple separate posts. Go down to the last post and then read them in order scrolling up the page) Read more tv spoilers at: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2012/... And then there are the comments Damon Lindelof has made about Frankenstein." I feel like the first great science fiction story is Frankenstein. People perceive it as gothic horror but Dracula is gothic horror. Frankenstein is science fiction because Frankenstein is using science, not supernatural means or mythology and it's not a monster he creates. He reanimates a dead body with science, and he shouldn't. There is a natural course of things – we are born, we live, we die, and if you try to subvert that, there is always a consequence. A penalty that needs to be paid. All great sci-fi is about getting close to that line that shouldn't be crossed, and if we cross it there are severe consequences...this entire mission is being motivated by a guy who doesn't want to die in the same way that Frankenstein wants to find an answer to immortality."
read the comments here: http://www.bleedingcool.com/20... ... -lindelof/. Yes...I continue to believe that Dr. Whale IS Dr. Frankenstein...and for all we know he is Dr. Frankenstein's creation as well.
end I think she is correct...Dr. Whale is Dr. Frankenstein.


(I had to post this in multiple separate posts. Go down to the last post and then read them in order scrolling up the page) Post 5 - Monday at 8:26pm (picture of Mary Margaret’s flowers and Marvel’s Frankenstein’s monster)
http://www.facebook.com/photo.... ... =1&theater Liz posted this today at this link: http://www.wetpaint.com/once-u... ... s-dr-whale Post 6 - Thursday at appx 2:25pm
I continue to find clues that point to Dr. Whale being Dr. Frankenstein. In the episode, The Return, when Regina is in Mr. Gold's shop there is a toy up on the shelf behind the counter. The toy is a Weird Wanda Radical Robot toy. Listen to the description of Weird Wanda. "Wierd Wanda is from a distant planet, in a far away Galaxy. Wandas mission from another world is to remind us that we are all a little odd in our own lovable way. Made from the odd parts of other robots, Wanda is proud of her extraordinary radical robot features. With a large pink body, yellow head large red feet and knobby knees and elbows on her moving arms and legs. Wind up Weird Wanda and she walks with her knees bent while she swings her plastic red hands." Did you catch the part where Wanda is odd because she is made from the odd parts of other robots...which makes Wanda a little, cute Frankenstein robot as she is made from the parts of others.


Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein were directed by James WHALE. Dr. Whale wears white when he is a doctor, black when he was with Mary Margaret (checking out Ruby) and when he was trying to pick up Ruby under the streetlight. Post 2 - September 1 at 9:10pm
Sting has a song, Moon over Bourbon Street that fits well with the scene where Dr. Whale is talking to Ruby under a street light with a full moon. Another definition for Whale - is to beat or thrash Post 3 – Monday at 6:47pm (the 10th)
Inflated sense of self. Classic “God complex� (classic could refer to classic literature)(Dr. Frankenstein played God and brought things to life).


I've been following Liz Key's theory of Dr. Whale being Dr. Frankenstein on facebook(from what I can see she was the first to suggest it), and after reading her most recent post I am officially changing my guess and throwing my hat into the Dr. Frankenstein column. Here is a copy of Liz's posts (thanks Liz!)...and I will also post the pictures she put together earlier Monday evening. (anything underlined is my addition) These are from facebook’s Once Upon a Time page – scroll down to August 16th question: Who do you think Dr. Whale really is? http://www.facebook.com/OnceAB... Post 1 - September 1 8:58pm
Dr. Frankenstein, creator of the Bride of Frankenstein and here is why. Clues: I think the best clue is in the Singlebrooke Dating Service video where Dr. Whale describes himself as good at MAKING friends (emphasis mine). What does he want in a woman? He doesn't want stuck-ups or prudes, every lady will get a dinner at Granny's, a single carnation (def. the color of human flesh - root word flesh), a visit to my condo where I will play the very best of Sting (Sting appeared as "Charles" Frankenstein in 1985's The Bride), and the sparks will fly (electricity that brings creatures to life).

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