Private Practice Review: When Everything Changes

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Private Practice hit the ground running with a very eventful season 6 premiere.

All summer long, looming questions remained: Who would Addie choose, Sam or Jake? With Tim Daly’s departure, how would Pete’s story end? How could the show possibly wrap up in only 13 episodes? Would Addison get her happy ending? And most importantly: can Private Practice live on after her departure?

Addison as a Mother

"Aftershock" was a group-centric episode and the perfect way to explore those kind of days when everything seems to be changing. With only some of our questions were answered, we’ll have to sit tight and see how things play out for the remainder of the season.

In the meantime, let’s discuss what went down in the busy hour that featured each character in a very different and interesting light.

First off, Addie chose Jake! As a total Jaddison fan, you already know I was smiling from ear to ear. Addie struggled a bit with her insecurities and jealousy. She even had trouble actually saying that she was in love with Jake. Somehow, it seems so much more realistic this way. Getting everything you wanted doesn’t mean that it’s all any easier.

It’s going to be interesting, that's for sure, considering Jake wants to move in already. Look for Addie’s life to change even more this new father for Henry.

Meanwhile, Sam seemed to be moving on just fine with Stephanie, a labor and delivery nurse. I laughed a little when Sam recalled Addie calling his proposal a “Hail Mary pass.” Ouch... but it was totally true. It’s too early for me to say if I dig Stephanie or not and whether or not I think she’s a good fit for Sam. However, like Addie, I just want to see Sam happy, too.

Elsewhere, Charlotte, Cooper and Mason seemed to be doing perfectly well. That is, if you don’t count Mason wanting a younger sibling. Then again, the Freedmans received some miraculous news: Charlotte is pregnant with not one but three babies! Many of our TV Fanatics called this one last season.

Sheldon and Amelia’s friendship is clearly as strong as ever. It was nice seeing how supportive he is of her and how grateful she is. Also, Sheldon has been apparently taking exciting trips with his ex wife, Laura. Will we get to meet her? And it appears that his health isn’t at its best either. 

Finally, let’s get to the Violet Annoyance Scale. I’m rating this installment a 4. I dreadfully hated the way she casually discussed Pete’s case with Lucas. Sure, it was short and it's not like Lucas really understood, but it was also just so bizarre. And in spite of everything, she may have been still shocked, but I thought she'd show more emotion in realization of Pete’s heart attack and demise. Then again, we all deal with grief and react differently.

By the way, I knew something major was going to happen to Pete the moment Violet received that ominous text. Then, when he didn’t show up for court and Violet was going ballistic, I was positive there was more to the story than what she was assuming about him possibly running away. Instead of worrying about his heart condition, she immediately jumped to the wrong conclusions. Typical Violet. 

One thing’s for sure, though, poor Lucas. I really hope that the upcoming scenes with Violet telling Lucas about Pete will be touching and not just brushed aside. They ought to truly mean something.

Other Thoughts

  • What did you think of the structure of this episode? With our favorite doctors now on new journeys, I’m excited to come along for the ride and see where and how they will all end up.
  • I loved how the single medical case brought all of our doctors together. I especially liked how Amelia took matters into her own hands to help a father and daughter reconnect no matter the odds.
  • How many of you missed Pete? I’ll bite. Although it was a solid hour even with his absence, I found myself wishing he would have made one last appearance. I can’t imagine how difficult it will be for Violet to break the news to Lucas.
  • Though it was a brief moment, it's nice to know that the Sam and Jake bromance will continue.
  • Check out our Private Practice quotes for some swooning on Jake's part and laughing at Cooper.

Shonda and company definitely delivered a strong return from Private Practice. It really feels like it’s going to be another promising season. I can't wait to hear what everyone thought of the episode, and also what your predictions are for this sadly shortened sixth season. Meet me back here next week, same time and same place!

Also, don’t forget to return later this week to chime in on our Private Practice Round Table.


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About the VAS, I don't think it has gotten old at all. I also don't think I was harsh by any means. After all, the episode did get a fairly lower than usual VAS. Besides, it seems like there are some who agree it should still exist and there's always fun in some of us agreeing to disagree. Keep the comments coming though! @Chris1215tine - I was wondering the same thing about Stephanie! Check this out: I actually only recall her from Desperate Housewives.


Do we know for sure that Sheldon has prostate cancer? I'm thinking he might have gotten an STD from his weekends away with his ex-wife. Anyone else on board with that? I hope that Addison and Jake stay together, I was always more of a Sam fan but he seems happy with his new nurse (what has she been in before). I'm with the people that want Charlotte and Cooper's pregnancy to progress normally. Obviously with triplets it is going to be high risk but just for once let's have a happy outcome. As much as I hate to admit it I really do like this show despite its "soapiness".


Was anyone really that surprised that Addison went with Jake? Sam only wanted Addison to marry him because of Jake's interest in her. It was like watching a dog throw away an old bone, then after watching another dog pick it up wants it again. And last season, Shonda Rhimes made it clear in several episodes that Jake was much more willing to co-parent Addison's baby than Sam. So the whole "who will Addison choose" story arc was very anti-climatic.


I'm so glad that Addison went for Jake. And I just loved the scene where she was just rambling and mumbling nonsense. She obviously is so in love with him. When I heard Peter wouldn't appear on Season 6 I wasn't even thinking about him being killed off but in typical Shonda fashion that's exactly what happens.. I don't like how his story ended.. Poor Lucas. And poor Violet for having to tell him about what happened. I don't know how long it's been since the Season 5 finale but I just find it irritating that Sam has moved on so quickly. But I hope that it works out for him this time. Stephanie seems like a great woman. Charlotte is pregnant with triplets! But my prediction is: At least one of the triplets won't make it through the pregnancy. I was really hoping that Amelia and Sheldon could be together, but I guess they're just sort of best friends now.


The phone call that Addie gets next week that changes everything is the call telling her that Mark Sloan has died. I really hope she doesn't end up breaking up with Jake.


I am glad that Addie chose Jake, as I think they have great chemistry together, and will be good parents for Henry (what an awful name for a baby! UGH!) Anyway, I really thought the way they presented this episode with the name of the character going into their POV was more style than substance, and it was distracting from the story after the first two times it was presented. They kept having to repeat that same clip over and over, and that got old really quick. I hope they never do that again, as it is probably fun for the director and the camera guys and post production, but not so great for the viewer who just wants to get on with the story and the characters. I am glad that Coop and Charlotte are pregnant, but not so happy that Charlotte isn't thrilled about it. And I am worried about Sheldon's prostate cancer. I did not miss Pete at all, and I thought Violet was even crazier than usual, and my setting on her annoyance scale was up to 7!


I liked the structure with them introducing the main characters by name. I miss Pete! I heard his Tim Daleys contract wasn't renewed but I thought they said he was doing a few episodes to ease out! Guess not! Kinda lame! I'm thinking Addison is going to be jealous of Sam and his new g/f even though she says that she's not! The one thing that kind of bothered me (I'm a nurse) was that when the alcoholic guy had the heart "event" the character Sam just started chest compressions right away! Didn't even check his breathing! The writers could have made that scene a little more realistic!


Ps I miss Pete,I really do #sigh. I already dislike Sam's love interest (the nurse who reminds me of Miranda Bailey)and I resent the fact that Mark and Lexie's line (we were/are meant to be)was used by Jake to Addy. There! I've got all the negativity out of my system.


Not happy with the Jake and Addy hookup but I guess it makes sense since this is her last season,she can't leave with Sam so it may as well be Jake. I still think he belongs with Amelia while Addy belongs with Sam. #sigh


It was a long wait but it was worth it! I'm so glad that Addison chose Jake. Definitely the right choice! I'm looking forward to just seeing how the two work as a couple and be happy in these last 13 episodes for Addison (and possibly the show). I think I'm just as happy as Cooper is that Charlotte's pregnant! Finally! I loved the way that their story was told but I have a sinking feeling that thing's won't go too well :( After all, when did a pregnancy ever go well in this show? And what more now that it's triplets. I just hope Shonda isn't too cruel! The way the episode was done was interesting but I don't think I'd enjoy it very much if it were that way every week.

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