Private Practice Season Premiere Pics: The Aftershock

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Addison Montgomery has a decision to make on Private Practice Season 6.

And, as teased in the first ABC promo for this returning Shonda Rhimes drama, it will affect three lives.

The network, meanwhile, has released a set of photos from the September 25 opener, titled "Aftershock," and they depict a very happy Addison settling in to her life as a mother.

Click through the images below from the upcoming premiere and also prepare for Amelia to celebrate one year of sobriety on the episode, while Sheldon rekindles a romance with his ex-wife. Juicy!

Addison and Her Son
Coop and Charlotte
Sam, Coop and Charlotte
Violet Turner Photograph
Dr. Sheldon Wallace
Sheldon in the Office
Addison as a Mother
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I'm so glad Addie picked Jake!!! He is yummie!!! I will never understand why Julie Roberts didn't marry Benjamin Bratt!!


I loved the premiere, Tuesday night. It more than makes up for what happened back in May. I'm so proud of Addison. She finally picked the right guy. I would've picked Jake too. I think, it's funny Charlotte is prengant with three babies. She's not too happy about it.


Wow! I am so happy for Cooper and Charlotte!! Pete is gone but Violet will be okay. Addison and Jake is sooo fake but it is what it is. Sam is even hotter with the beard! It will be interesting to see how all of these storylines play out.




I hope Addison picks Sam and Jake ends up with Amelia, their chemistry is amazing :)


Oh, pleas no Sam/Addie. Addison looks more happy with Jake. And he does have any of these problems 'don't want to be a father again' Sam needs to grow up.


Addison chooses Sam. He is the leading male character on the show. Shonda cannot put Jake in that role! If she does I won't t be watching the last season! NEXT.....


A storyline for Sheldon? What?


Addie/baby Henry are so cute.

Spindae 2o

Kate is so beutiful! I love this show! Can't wait for the Premier!

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

I could tap-dance for you. Say the words. I will slap two tacks on the bottom of these shoes right now.


Addison: He is Zeus. He's Thor. He's Beckham.
Violet: You're mixing up your mythologies and soccer players.
Addison: He's flypaper and women are the flies.