Revolution Review: Patching Up the Plot

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Revolution attempted to smooth out its narrative potholes in "Chained Heat," but did the new NBC drama succeed?

For me, it’s a simple yes. But judging by some of your comments following the Revolution premiere, the sell could be much more difficult.

A key aspect of the series is why the technology is or isn’t working. Aaron’s theory that the switching off event might be due to something man-made is easier to stomach than some unknown Earthy phenomena. Because it pushes the super special flash drives into the realm of being things that fix the event, as we’ve seen with Grace, and since Ben knew it was going to happen, this makes Monroe’s actions against Matheson’s that much believable.

Chained Heat Scene

The second big reveal that began framing the narrative is the reveal of just where Rachel is now. She’s basically the Belle to Monroe’s Beast, and Monroe is determined to use whatever means is necessary to learn what she knows about the event... even if it means using her family against her.

Monroe puts Rachel in a tough position because she may be forced to betray either side of family. Ben is dead and Danny is being brought in. If she says what she knows, she potentially betrays her dead husband’s memory; and if she doesn’t say anything, she could betray her son. The one thing Monroe isn’t accounting for is Miles, and without the aid of technology, word doesn’t exactly travel quickly anymore.

The other side of episode two wasn’t quite as interesting. Charlie is still a mostly one-dimensional character. As a result, her pleas to Miles or her personal hardships don’t exactly deliver any emotional payoffs, which is a problem for a drama that plays up its family aspects. Charlie’s ease at switching off her fear of killing someone in about twenty minutes flat was hard to believe at times.

Mainly because that plot point is far too soon. Featuring the parallels between Charlie and Rachel are great. They want to protect their families. That’s not the problem. The problem is that we still know about next to nothing about them, and until we have those gaps in character investment filled, there’s not really any need to focus on those types of challenges so early in the show's run.

I certainly didn’t say Revolution smoothed out all of its narrative potholes.

The rebel plot line with Nora is interesting because of who they are. They’re patriots, they want to restore the U.S. government to power. The series has a very colonial feel to it, making it kind of cool to think the rebels want to break free from a power to start lives over again.

Other Thoughts

  • I’d like to replace Nate’s name with one of the annoying tributes from The Hunger Games. Suggestions?
  • Miles in captivity lasted a long time.
  • Nate and Charlie are quickly becoming an insufferable Twilight couple. Here’s hoping he stays handcuffed to the sign.
  • I’m really wishing Nora had a paperclip to assemble that homemade gun.
  • The creepy, sweaty, businessman should know that you don’t get between a mother bear and her cubs.
  • For holding the key to unlock the world again Grace sure has terrible locks.
  • How many damn flash drives are out there?


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First I have to say that the pilot really should have been 2 hrs. This would have allowed the characters to develop at least a little. It was too rushed, there's power one minute then it's fifteen years later. I'd also like to know how everybody learned those fancy sword fighting techniques. As to Jack in GA's query of the colony not having security,that was briefly addressed in the pilot and in this episode. Blink and you'd miss it, the colony is under the authority of the Monroe republic, the milita basically enforces the law and will of the General,so as long as they pay their taxes by way of crops and the like they should be relatively safe in their little hamlets. These towns are probably a good source of revenue for the militia so I imagine they keep riffraff away from them. Once they venture away and out in the wilds its more like the wild west. This is being set up as one of those epic type shows, flashbacks as to how the militia came into power, how everyone got together in that small town are probably gonna come way later in the season. This is only the second episode! Although I agree that the stalker kid needs to stay chained to the radiator and they should kill off the brother somewhere down the line since his character doesn't add much. Gus Fring might as well take over the republic and kill the general, maybe blow him up at the end of the season.


Dreckful. I want to punch Not-Katniss in the face.


Agree with hothersale..Giancarlo Esposito is the only diamond in this other piece of dirty coal. But he can't help it. He is excellent in anything he works on. Look at Once Upon a Time. Great groveling backstabbing character there.


snoozefest city. "Charlie" has the worst lines possible. The actress needs to tone it down, way down. We have heard enough now about how helpless her little brother is and how guilty she feels and it is all about family. Give me a break. 'I only slept for an hour at a time because I had to take care of my brother'. Really? what was your dad doing? And brother dear looks quite capable of taking care of himself. His character development is zero. JJ..JJ are so much better than this drivel. Does anybody other the paid reviewers for NBC care about this mess? I think not.


I can understand that nowadays the lost of electricity would be devastating and would change the world. But people had technology before electricity and there were other ways to create energy (what about hydro energy, for example?) Miles character seems too unreal. Charlie is way too perfect. The immediate love of Nate for Charlie is stupid (ok, she's pretty and what else, is it enough to betray hi people to save her, a girl he knows of barely 2 days?). I could go on but I won't. Just... everything seems way too artificial.


I was/am a huge fan of Jeremiah and Jericho, but am having a hard time getting into this series. I like Uncle Miles and the Doc but not a fan of Charlie. Way too many psychos and torture to seriously like this show YET. Will continue to watch for a few more weeks but there is so much good viewing on Mondays.


I saw the pilot just before the 2nd episode. I like the premise of the show but they aren't giving us enough mystery. We see the little flash drives that make electricity work but no explanation on them. The 15 year old colony doesn't appear to have any security even though they've been attacked before? Charlie is kind of annoying, I liked Nate better after I found out he's a bad guy. The writers better pick it up on this show.. Show some flashbacks to the first years without power, maybe work in talking about the power outage and use that fill in some background on some characters. Don't do a lost and make the whole show about the background but you could do some. Show us some flashbacks T+1year without power and how the population changed, how some died of starvation.. Show how the militias came into power.


I really like the premise of the show. I agree with the lot of you. Not a fan of Charlie. The second episode was blah up until the last 5 – 10 minutes. I hope they get it together soon. Good concept! Would hate to see the show go by the wayside over some crummy one liners and an annoying character.


Charlie is a strange character, she doesn't feel it is right to kill the bounty hunter but has no problem popping the other guy. There is a real disconnect there. I want someone to pop the militia captain, in a fire fight you should kill the commander of the enemy forces. It is not a bad show but they really have to smooth out the obvious wrinkles.


I like it but I hate it! I think the shows premise is good and I think it even has promise but all the things mentioned by others bother me a bit too. It's like it should be good but it's not quite there. I have a feeling it will get canceled before it ever gets there. Nates Hunger Games name should be Peeta but spell it Pita (pain in the ass)

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Charlie: Where are you going?
Miles: Uh this little places called shut up and stay here.

Most people do.

You have family? Miles