Rookie Blue Round Table: "Every Man"

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On this week's Rookie Blue, it was "Every Man" for himself as SIU launched an investigation that could destroy one rookie's career.

In this edition of the Round Table, TV Fanatic staffer Christine Orlando is joined by Kathryn, Nathalie, and Heather from the Rookie Blue Two Worlds Collide Fan Forum, as they contemplate who was really to blame and whether Andy is finally done with Sam. Jump in to the discussion now!


What was your favorite scene?
Heather: This episode had a lot of great moments with some powerful performances from Travis as Chris especially when the sniper shot the suspect. I loved the Andy and Nick friendship parts, but my favorite moments were the two brief glimpses of McSwarek that gave me hope that they are SO not over.

Nathalie: The guy holding a gun in the cell being shot. It was so unexpected at that moment and well filmed, I even held my breath for a few seconds.

Kathryn: Probably the sniper shooting because it was so startling. But everything with Chris just killed me, one way or another. Travis Milne really rocked this episode!! Andy and Nick were very cute together too, even if that was probably the most lame brained cover up plan ever. ;)

Christine: The shooting scene in holding was great but since it's been mentioned twice I'm going with the scene where Sam says he wanted to make sure Andy was okay and she responded that it wasn't his job anymore. I was proud of her for walking away from him after what he's put her through.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Gail confessed because it was the right thing to do or because she felt she'd be protected because of her family ties?
Heather: I love Gail. She is a powerful character and has been through a lot and I think has shown a lot of growth and more team spirit, but I really think she felt that she would be safe as a Peck and that is why she "took one for the team." I think she thought they would go easier on her. I do think she forgot to pat down the guy so I'm glad she told the truth.

Nathalie: Because she thought she'd be protected, the look on her face after Dov says "I wish I was a Peck" says it all.

Kathryn: I think she did it mainly because she miscalculated that she would be protected, given the way agent Mills was acting all day and the conversation with her Dad. But I think it also had a lot to do with it looking like Chris was going to be the one to take the fall for everyone. If not for those two things, I'm not sure her conscience would have led her to step up and do the right thing or not. Gail still has a pretty strong selfish streak.

Christine: I think it was because she knew she hadn't searched the suspect properly and she thought she could protect her fellow officers by taking the fall, all the while believeing that being a Peck would protect her. Looks like she may have miscalculated the power of her family name.

Who was really to blame for the incident?
Heather: I think, like a lot of tragedies, that a lot of little things added up that resulted in the incident and so in part, they all should bear some of the blame. Even Frank could have prevented it if he had searched the guy he found in the car. I don't think anyone should lose their job over it.

Nathalie: If the blame was really to be put on one person, I'd say Dov. I can understand where he's coming from, being provoked and all, but he lost it with the guy in blue.

Kathryn: They all were, but I think Gail's mistake seemed the most critical given what she said about how primary responsibility is drilled into them at the academy. But I don't know enough about police procedure to judge beyond that.

Christine: Everyone. No one followed protocol and if only one person had this incident may have been avoided. It wouldn't surprise me if Frank takes a hit for this. They are all under his command and every one of them failed to follow procedure, including Frank himself.  As the person in charge, that reflects poorly on him.

Should Chris get a paternity test for Christian?
Heather: Yes! I respect his desire to just be a good dad, but he should have the facts and then go from there. He can choose to help Denise even if the kid isn't his, but he and the child both deserve to have that truth known, whatever it is.

Nathalie: I don't think he should. Denise has no reason to trick him into this, it's not like he's rich or something so I believe she's genuine about it.

Kathryn: It depends on whether he stills feels the same way about wanting to act like Christian's dad regardless of the outcome once the shock and the emotions of the day he just had subside. If he really does still feel that way, what's the purpose? I think the bigger question is whether he can forgive Denise or not and how he wants to interact with her going forward.

Christine: Yes, because even if he really wants to be the child's Dad, what happens if he's not and the real daddy turns up in the future. That could mean a world of heartache for both him and Christian. It's always better to have the facts whenever possible.

Is Andy done with Swarek?
Heather: An emphatic NO! And Swarek is SO not over Andy. I'm disappointed that Sam has handled things the way he has, but I look forward to seeing what is next and how he re-builds what he has damaged. Sam and Andy belong together and I so want more!

Nathalie: She's not. She's just trying to protect herself by acting all "I don't care" to Sam's face but she's still hurting from their breakup and still seeing him around doesn't help.

Kathryn:  I don't think so. I'm not sure how she'll react to the declaration from Sam we saw in the previews, but I don't think this is over at all. The question is how much time and what changes will be needed for things to work out better for them the second time around. I change my mind daily about how I think the writers will handle that.

Christine: No, but Sam should have to jump through some serious hoops to get Andy back. I'm glad Andy isn't acting like the lovesick girlfriend around him.


Frost of all Chris should definitely have that paternity test. He seems needy and needs a woman in his life. Gail was bitchy but I liked Chris and her. She is definitely is insecure. Sometimes I felt Chris really understood her. Yes she treated him badly, but time may have made things better. As far as Andy and Sam, she should wait a short while and then let him talk to her. They were good together I hated the detective she was going with prior to Sam, but he did give Sam some solid advice. She is silly and insecure also and Sam has his own problems to hold it all inside. They should be honest and talk it out together and he should be more attentive and they should help each other, espically her insecurity, lovingly though so she is not even aware. Tracy should be on the streets for awhile, it may help her keep her mind busy and not think of Jerry so much. I liked him in the show and wished he was not the one cut. Maybe Nick would have a better choice. I love the show, your always on the edge of your seat. Interesting stories. Never run out of what to write about as there are so many real crimes out here.

Sarah silva

Who was really to blame for the incident?
It was Gail that was at fault. She should have patted him down even if it was quick. Andy had the time to do a quick pat down on her guy so Gail should have too. However as it was all chaos any one who handled the suspect should have as well. Should Chris get a paternity test for Christian?
Yes he should get a paternity test. The same thing happened to my brother and when he found out the kid was not his after being told it was, it was hard on everyone. Is Andy done with Swarek?
No I do not want them to be, I am team Sandy. However Sam really hurt Andy and I think it will take a long time for them to get back together. However when the show ends(which I hope is a really long time from now) we will see a Sam and Andy wedding in the Caribbean in honor of Jerry.

Sarah silva

What was your favorite scene?
There were many for me, I like Andy and Nick's friendship so their scenes were great. However I will go with the sniper shooting the suspect. Do you think Gail confessed because it was the right thing to do or because she felt she'd be protected because of her family ties?
From they way the story was told and retold, Gail did not pat down the suspect, she lied at first but then realized someone else may take the fall when it was her error and thought as a Peck she would be fine.


I think Gail confessed to protect the others but hoped that her family ties would help. Ironically, her actions were probably the least irresponsible of the four. She definitely announced her intent to search the guy, but stopped after hearing Dov's call help (which seems understandable, I think). It was just unfortunate that Dov asked her to switch people, because she never got to complete her search. On the other hand, Andy, Dov and Chris were knowingly careless and let themselves get distracted by personal or unrelated matters. Dov should not have made her feel guilty about being a Peck, since I think he played the most significant role in what happened. I agree 100% with Christine. Chris needs to get a paternity test. If he's not the father and the biological father shows up years later he would lose custody. Andy's not done with Swarek, but I've lost interest. Hopefully there's more to the finale than Swarek and Andy rekindling their love while holding a bomb together.


Favorite scenes is 1) after the sniper takes out the suspect...the look on Chris's face and Gail coming up to check on him and 2) Gail coming forward to take responsibility. I agree I think it had to do with 1st she has changed quite a bit and becoming part of the team and I am hoping because she still has feelings for Chris and didn't want to get him in trouble.
I think all are to blame and YES Chris should get a paternity test.


Favorite scene: Gail taking responsibility for her mistake, Swarek waiting for Andy, Andy helping Nick who's drunk.
Gail confessed because it was the right thing to do. I'd like to think she's changed.
Who was really to blame for the incident? All of them, starting with Gail and ending with Chris.
Yes, Chris should get a paternity test for Christian.
Andy is not done with Swarek.

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