Stephanie Savage to Pen Gossip Girl Finale

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Executive producer Stephanie Savage will write the Gossip Girl series finale this fall, according to various reports. She's responsible for some of the best installments throughout the series, so that only bodes well.

Savage and co-EP Josh Schwartz also penned the October 8 season premiere, "Gone Maybe Gone." If the Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer and this season premiere clip are any indication, it's going to be solid.

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Elsewhere, TV Line's Michael Ausiello has a couple of interesting tidbits:

1. Dan’s going to need a place to crash when he returns home from Europe, because the Brooklyn loft is off limits ... follow the link above and watch the Season 6 trailer for a clue as to why that's the case.

Blair, meanwhile, lives in a huge place with plenty of bedrooms. Hmm.

2. The show will have most, if not all episodes, build to a lavish event. This may include a fashion show, Thanksgiving dinner, a horse show, an art show, Jenny’s memorial service, a store opening and a Cotillion.

Emphasis on may. There's a "foiler" on that list apparently.

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these events have been done and done well I hope they make them part of new storylines that havent been done already it reminds me of charmed and how the final season redid plots that had already been done


I hope Vanessa, Jenny and Eric are penned in there somewhere!


Just go to Ausiello's site..he actually lists the foiler


i really hope Jenny Humphrey return on the show!!!!
hope she just make a few appereance even only 1 episode because we must seen her for the last season of GG! :"(
please ask taylor momsen to return only 1 episode!


Jenny doesnt die that is Not true it's the fouler duh you people are so dumb


Whoa....Jenny's not going to die. That's not an option. Anywho I can't wait for the Thanksgiving episode they are always exciting and Jenny better have a presence on the show even if Taylor Momsen doesn't return...make her Blair's designer.! Keep Vanessa far away and if she does return I hope the NJBC takes her down just because then she and Humphrey can leave for Barcelona together and never return.


What I find funny is why Jenny would die? Like she's not even coming back this season which makes sense if you think of it but it's a waste of a storyline unless they suddenly have her come back from London have have her plane crash which again is a waste :( I like Jenny actually once season 3 started I have ... So little.j can't die :P plus it's such a fake spoiler like Devlin Rhodes -.- and come on nooo more dying -.- no one should die its the finale unless ts a heroic death go for it but no one must die this isn't pretty little liars it's gossip girl scandal, drama and gossip about the upper east side ... And if episedo is gotta have an event in it like season 4 did this is gotta be one confusing season :( ... It's hard for them to like fit everything in such a small amount of time and like I bet you there are millions of ideas they couldn't fit in it :( oh well a lot of DELETE SCENES :D


Tv fanatic, you forgot the part about spotting the foiler. Anyway..Stephanie I hope you write the ending we know the one.

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