Supernatural Sneak Peek: The Reunion!

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Consider this a Kleenex warning, Supernatural fans: You might wanna stock up for the October 3 season premiere.

As we've revealed in various Supernatural spoilers, the CW smash will jump ahead next month and reunite Sam with Dean after the latter spent a year in Purgatory.

How did that experience go? How will the Winchesters react when they see each other again? And what about Castiel?!?

“Things got pretty hairy towards the end, and he just let go,” says the elder Winchester in the following sneak peek, which you simply need to watch right now:

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I dont think this is how Sam finds out that Dean is alive,coz how did he wound up at the secluded cottage in the woods,unless he had prior information on where exactly he would find him.


Dean-“Cas didn’t make it,� Dean reveals to Sam in the clip. “Something happened to him down there. Things got pretty hairy toward the end, and he just let go.�
------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very highly doubt Cas was killed. What thing in Purgatory (excepting the Leviathan) would be strong enough to kill a powerful Angel, but not Dean? It's the "something happened to him down there" comment by Dean thats the key. Did Cas "let go" (lose control and go on a rampage) and lay waste to Purgatory? Did he let go and allow Lucifer to take control of him? I don't believe Lucifer was just a hallucination last season. Should be very interesting and I doubt we will find out what happened to Cas in the first ep.


I agree with SPN. Sam didn't seem all that joyful to see Dean.


"Cas just let go." Maybe Cas let go of what little sanity he had left? Joined the dark side in Purgatory? I doubt he was killed,,,again. Dean just said Cas let go. He didn't say he was killed by anything in Purgatory. Still kind of disappointed we didn't get at least one ep of of what Purgatory and it's occupants were like. And who yanked Dean out? Crowley?


this looks interesting...can't wait to see what happened to dean & cas in purgatory...dean looks kind of older and tougher here.why isn't it october 3rd already?


What. The. Hell. Happed in Purgatory?!?! Dean seems much darker, like Sam after Dean was killed in the Trickster's parallel world. And what the bloody hell happened to Cass?! "I saw enough," ..... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!! Could Dean have abandoned him??. No he couldn't have done that... could he? Need to see Season 8 more now than ever!!


This was chilling. Am glad Dean is back. But what abt Cas??? It sounds scary. Purgatory storyline seems really promising. Dean looks edgy. Sam seemed a bit casual abt meeting Dean. It was not the usual emotional hug we are used to seeing (Lazarus rising). Have to wait and see the whole episode before I decide though. All in all I think its going to be a great opening. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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