The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere Pics: Blood, Bars & Betrayals

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The CW has unveiled a giant set of photos from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere. And what stands out about these early peeks at the October 11 opener, "Growing Pains?"

BLOOD. What is it in Bonnie's lips? And all over Rebekah's shirt?

BARS. Why is Elena behind them?

BETRAYALS. It's rather clear, from the first pair of images posted below, that Caroline quickly learns about Klaus' little body switch... at a most awkward, steamy moment!

Click through the pictures now and let the countdown begin for "Growing Pains." Less than one month, TV Fanatics!

Caroline And...?
It's Klaus!
Stefan in a Panic
Bonnie and Bars
Elena Behind Bars
A Concerned Stefan
Bloody Rebekah
Being a Witch
Serious Bonnie
Bonnie in Blood
Bonnie vs. Jeremy
She Knows!
Bonnie, Wake Up!

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Charmed jenna

Obviously Klaus is terrible kisser and doesn't get CareBear's lady loins going. Send in Kol, he'll do the job right :) I'm really interested in bloody Rebekah, there haven't been that many spoilers about her. Always up to see Bonnie and Caroline, here's wishing that this is the season Klaus dies, let him have his heroic moment and say goodbye.


And yeah, I wonder how Caroline is going to figure out Klaus is in Tyler's body.


I think the only thing I am really excited for is to see how Trevino pulls of being Klaus, and how Klaus pulls off being Tyler........Having said that I really do hope after Klaus returns into his own body they stop playing musical chairs with whose body is Klaus poing to be in.

Fruit salad

@Annie the vamp hunters must have staked him when they took Elena and Stefan. All the stuff about Delena scenes must have been foilers. That's probably why the next episode is named 'Memorial'

Tvd fan rheanne

@anni I Agree

Tvd fan rheanne

why no damon




Love the Bonnie/Jeremy pics.


But the real question is...where the hell is the elder Salvatore? I mean really, he's been in so little promo material it's not eve funny. He's in about 4 seconds of the promo clip, and he's in the promo photo shoot, as is everyone. That's it. I just think it might mean that he's doing something that can't be revealed to us yet? I mean we know next to nothing about what's going on with him and where he stands. It has to be for spoiler reasons - marketing knows better than to deny the fan base its most popular male regular character.


Caroline do not look too happy. I hope she be mad at Bonnie too.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Where ever you go, Salvatore Brothers seem to follow.

Pastor Young

We all know the way. You feed or you die, there is no door #3.