The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Pic: Oh, Jesus!

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Say your prayers, Vampire Diaries fans, because it looks like something crazy is about to go down on the Season 4 premiere.

In church!

The following photo is courtesy of Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview - on newsstands Friday - and it depicts a chaotic situation in an unexpected place, as Stefan, Elena, Matt and fellow Mystic Falls residents around them react in shock and panic over...

... who know what?!?

Scared in Church

We'll find out when The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off on October 11.

For now, let the theories regarding the above photo fly and go re-watch new footage from the recently-released TVD promo for fall episodes ahead. I've already done so 27 times. That's normal, right?

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I worked as an extra this day... SPOILER ALERT: .....someone gets shot ;)


ooooooooo......stefan got that look on his face again.........trrroooubble............lmao


What up with the vampires in church?


Elena looks like she's withering away, so she hasn't fed,and yeah it looks like they're in church and being attacked. I think people are too hard on Stefan, although Damon does what's best in the long run, Stefan only tries to respect Elena's wishes, even if her decision making progress is seriously impaired. That's what I like about her, there's nothing worse than a character who's always right, the more she screws up the more interesting the storyline gets. Nobody's perfect. The writers did say that an even bigger threat is coming, which is not hard to believe, because Klaus and his temper tantrums and boring sister were a real disappointment.


I would give up my day job just to be an extra on that show!!!!!!


so like what up "church" are vampires even aloud in such an establishment??Clearly they are not catholic lol...........and Elena seems to sport that same look since all these promo's have been cropping up in the last month or so....dam October 11th Julie and her crew of merry men (writers) are just to cruel in my books


Elena looks sick because she still hadn't fed and btw it looks everyone is throwing up in the church

David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure what happened in church that's causing a major shockout or it could be a fight/enemy arrival. I can hardly wait for season 4 to come. =O


PW looks extreamly hot

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