The Voice vs. The X Factor: Who Won?

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It is officially on between The Voice and The X Factor, as Simon Cowell's Fox competition kicked off Season 2 last night, while Christina Aguilera and company aired their third consecutive night of blind auditions.

Who won the ratings war?

Voice vs. X

On the whole, both programs shows averaged a 3.3 rating in the 18-49-year old demographic, but The Voice outdrew The X Factor in total viewers, 10.7 million to 8.5 million. The latter was down nearly 4 million viewers from last year's series premiere. OUCH.

So… point, NBC, for a change.

However, The Voice did lose 17 percent of its audience from its Tuesday night performance show.

Which of these competitions did you watch? Which do you prefer?

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I watched both - why can't I vote for them both - they are both excellent and I want them to stay on the air!!!!


The Voice wins hands down. I just started watching for the first time, the voice and x factor. I'm not particularly inclined to any of the judges. I was curious to see Britney on X Factor though. Judges: While the X Factor judges are certainly likable in their own right, they don't expel the level of expertise of the judges on the Voice. Perhaps, it's just that we don't see it. But when you compare the one on one sessions that the coaches/mentors give to their students, the X Factor judges are a lot more constructive. Perhaps the emphasis is different because the Voice really focuses on vocal talents while x Factor leans more towards, "will people like you?" Both are important. But even the feedback that the Voice judges give after a song has more content and value. Rather than the "I enjoyed that" or "you are adorable" comments from the x factor judges. Hosts: I don't follow TV that much honestly. So when Chloe K showed up on the x factor. I honestly didn't recognize her. (I said I don't follow TV!). Mario is always professional. But when I saw Chloe (without knowing her star power), I thought she was off. From the way she talks (very casual) to comments, it was not at the level of a host. Once it dawned on me that she's Chloe K. THEN I understood why she was chosen as the host. But I really value people chosen to do something because they're actually good at it and not because they're famous for other reasons. Carson Daily is always professional So the Voice wins again. Stage: I enjoyed the whole auditorium of the blind auditions. I love how the audience's cheer really affects the auditions for the x factor. The Voice's stage was okay too. Of course, it's fun to see the judge's house on the x Factor. But the stage for the x Factor live audition was outstandingly gaudy, horrible. It looked disorganized. As I was watched I couldn't help getting distracted by the huge screens behind and all the disco-out lights. Simply overboard and ridiculous. A sore disappointed. The cheesy routines that the contestants performed, only added to the disgust. I can't believe anyone that those were good ideas. The Voice played it safer which is right. The point is to watch the performance not get hypnotized with an ugly stage (and outfits...oh god). And the sound system for the live auditions for the x factor was always wrong. There isn't a balance of sounds. We can hear the judge's talking on the mic was too loud. The music also drowns out the singer's voice. The whole feeling just comes out really chaotic. And it's so strange that the hosts would shut the judges's requests out such as Simon wanting to announce who will be saved. Mario said he had to say who will be going home...awkward! It's so stupid to include that. I'm not really there to see the judges and hosts disagree with petty things. Get your act together. Audition process: This is the place where the x factor finally did something right. As always, we want to know who the contestants are. I wonder if the judges see the behind stage back stabbings. Cece fray is a fake, trying to pretend to be fragile after her conversation with Demi. The judges buy it's not like we don't remember, right? I suppose the contestants are prescreened for the voice? I don't know. Talent: The talent is more even for both shows. There are really great voices on both shows.


I absolutely love this season of Xfactor USA!! With no host for the auditions, the behind scene footage of contestants and judges brought a fresh take to the show that i am now obsessed with.
the Voice is ok, but there's only so many spinning red leather chairs i can take. And, i didn't get some of the contestants last season.
Also, am probably going to come off as ignorant/uninformed, but i can definitely name Xfactor contestants that have gone on to have successful music careers/ or at least on the path... yet, can't say the same for the Voice.


Britney absolutely looked disgusting, its everything I thought she would look like. She's washed up old and looks like she's addicted to something. She's nothing but a whore.


itsbritney, ahmmm have you ever heard of the GRAMMYS? Christina won that, too.


Ah for once in her life Christina wins over Britney. Let#s give her that - Britney goes home with the bigger paycheck, though.


First week in and "The Voice" wins. But that can all change. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. I usually hate auditions, and i just youtube them online, so maybe it'll pick up for "X-Factor" after the auditions are done. I love the battle rounds, because theyre fighting with one other act, not 10+. what i hate about the voice and x factor, but mostly the voice, is the eliminate of the acts. like you eliminate an act that should stay over another coaches. so its kinda like ehh.


The x factor is a cliché now, not funny at all, at least the dutch version isn't. I used to hate such programs as Idol, the xFactor or Holland got talent. Don't even watch The voice off holland. But The voice is just beyond awesome with Cee lo and his bird, Adam and blake fighting over contestants and Xtina who's the freaking Girlpower in the jury. Again, Xfactor is a cliché

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