Tournament of TV Fanatic ABC Winner: Revealed!

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After more than a hundred thousand votes, the ABC faithful have spoken.

What began with 16 network favorites came down to a title match pitting Castle co-stars Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion against one another. An impossible choice, but you made it, and with 58 percent of the vote, you picked ...

Stana Katic!


The woman who brings Kate Beckett to life triumphed over Ty Burrell, Gabriel Mann and Patrick Dempsey before edging her partner in crime to claim the crown. Well done, Stana (and Nathan, too)!

With his victory, she advances to our ULTIMATE Tournament of TV Fanatic, against CW winner Jensen Ackles and CBS champ Simon Baker. NBC, Fox and miscellaneous (HBO, USA, etc.) brackets still to come!

Stay tuned for the start of our FOX bracket later today!

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Yesss. Finally, we have an actress as a winner for these polls, representing. Although, the finale wasn't as exciting as I hoped it would be. It would have been more fun if different fandoms were competing each other -- which means, more vote counts. The Ultimate tournament should be fun now that we've thrown a lady into the mix of awesome and beautiful people. :)


Hurray for Castle! And congrats to Stana.


I love both Nathan and Stana but I'm thrilled to see that Stana is the first woman to rise to the top of a network round. Now Castle fans need to make sure she beats out the other network stars to take her place as the one true winner!


Congrats to Stana and Nathan. Yea Stana.....we got your back in this! Now let's all keep Stana on top thru out the rest of the contest!!

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