TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: Most Anticipated Fall Show

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From a possible terrorist plot on American soil... to a newly-turned member of the undead... to revenge as a dish best served very hot in the Hamptons, the TV Fanatic staff has gathered below to consider upcoming storylines and answer one simple question:

Which returning fall show are we most excited about?

Read through the following responses and then weigh in with your own...

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Matt Richenthal: Homeland. There's simply no way that show can top its first season… right?!? Also, every single show on FX.

Miranda Wicker: The Vampire Diaries. Or Scandal. Or The Vampire Diaries. AHH! How to choose??

Steve Marsi: Definitely Vampire Diaries among those two options, Miranda. You're welcome. Elsewhere, let's try Revenge. Summer just hasn't been the same without Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe and Gabriel Mann.

Dan Forcella: I'm also most excited for Homeland. I'm hoping for a return to form, as its first season gave us some of the most intriguing, exciting and nerve-racking material on television last fall, but that bar might have been a bit too high to match.

Arlene Gonzalez: Are you kidding?!? Sons of Anarchy. Jax at the head of the throne? Tara as the new Gemma? Clay now the broken down king? Gemma hooking up with Jimmy Smits? Man oh man... I am chomping at the bit.

Christina Tran: Thanks to this past weekend's Season 1 marathon of Gossip Girl, I'm pumped up to see how the UES will bow out.

Chandel Charles: Psych. Iit's been way too long and Season 7 promises to be even bigger and even better than last season!

Nick McHatton: Tough call, but I'm going with Grey's Anatomy. The finale really shook the show up in ways that we haven't seen in years, and I'm wondering how Shonda is going to pull of her magic for this season premiere.

Carissa Pavlica: Fringe! They're sending my beloved Fringe Division off into the future and then they're gone for good. To say I have high expectations for the ending would be an understatement.

Jim Garner: Looking forward to Hawaii Five-0 and Christine Lahti as Steve's mom. Will be fun having another McGarrett in the world.

Carla Day: This is such a difficult decision. I'm looking forward to several shows, but if I can only pick one it is Fringe. Like Carissa said, it's the last season. With the jump to the future ... it should be epic!

Lindsey Kempton: I'm really excited about New Girl Season 2. It went through a lot of growing pains in season one, so I'm interested to see what the new season holds!

Sean McKenna: It has to be Person of Interest. Season one wasn't the best start, but as the show went on it kept delivering fantastic episodes that made me want to see where they were gonna take it next. I'm excited to see season two take that momentum and top it.

Christine Orlando: Castle! I'm literally counting the days. After four seasons of waiting Castle and Beckett are finally together and my shipper heart can't take the wait. It's been a long summer and season five can't start soon enough.

Lisa Palmer: Homeland. The Good Wife. Revenge. And they're all jammed into Sunday nights. 

Your turn, TV Fanatics: Which returning shows are you most looking forward to?


@Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella, Lisa Palmer - You have the best taste in the group. Or maybe it's simply cause I think it's gotta be Homeland :-)


1 CM
4 Big Bang Theory
5 psych


1) Castle
2) Modern Family (for Claire's face when she realizes someone younger than her is having her half brother/sister :-D )
3) Once Upon a Time
4) Body of Proof
5) Person of Interest


Hawaii five-O and CSI omg cant forget criminal minds and about a zillion others lol


SCANDAL. Its gonna be a great season. Cant wait to see what pope and friends got in store for us


The Vampire Diaries!!! I'm excited to see what Klaus will do once he gets back in his own body??


NCIS!! I am also looking forward to Big Bang Theory and Walking Dead


dear TVFanatic team, let's put it to a vote :) Personally I'm waiting [the fucking] Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, and some new shows such as 666 and The Last Resort.


Dexter anyone? The way it ended I'm "dying" to know how he handles his sis, who is in love with him, catching him in the killing act.


1)Person of Interest