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I enjoyed this episodes for many reasons. I remember for seeing Danielle Nicolet a decade ago in Stargate SG-1 in the episode Menace as "Reese" a human replicator. I have loved watching her every since. She would definitely be a great asset to the Warehouse 13 team. In fact, the team as made up of some exceptionally smart and talented women which is a giant plus to me. I loved the Welcome to Storage 6 intro and yes, I thought of The Lost Girl apartment as soon as I saw the junk on the shelves. Seeing H.G. Wells is always a joy. I just wish they would spin-off a Victorian Warehouse 12 series with her as the lead. This season as been great, but I think Artie is about to meet the wrath of the Regents lead by Mrs. Frederic for what he has done, and for the aftermath.


I loved this episode. I like deb I think she's a good character. I liked that Artie told Steve and Claudia about brother Adrian but not about anything else that would put them in danger. I was happy to H.G. back and can't wait to see her next week as well. When H.G. came in and said she knew time travel and she knew he used the astrolabe I was like yes someone else knows and Mrs. Fredrick knows which I don't know is good or bad. But probably good.


I like Deb. It was nice to see Pete being mature and professional more than usual.


Yes, absolutely, Deb is a keeper! I hope they make good use of the character as time goes on. I'm as hooked on her as Pete is. I definitely think that they should keep seeing each other.

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