Warehouse 13 Review: From The Heart

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Okay, raise your hand if you were shocked that Steve got off the metronome this quickly.

Same here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Steve and Claudia aren’t tied together at the nerve endings anymore. I’m just surprised they opted to only have him on the metronome for seven episodes. Honestly, I’m grateful they didn’t run the gimmick into the ground to the point that we wanted Steve dead again just to get rid of it. 

But, wow... what away to get rid of it. Seems like Steve was not the only one who got a "Second Chance." As we went to learn more about Steve’s sister Olivia, we met his mom Emma Jinks (played by the incredible Laura Innes) and we found out why they are not in agreement about his sister's death. I’m glad we got to see Steve angry and sad; he was feeling a bit mono-dimensional, only having the worried or silly sides showing. 

Emma Jinks

How powerful was Emma's comment to Steve about how he was only thinking of the guy who killed Olivia, but she was thinking of Olivia herself to let go of her anger? Anger (or any emotion) that festers because there is no way to resolve it fully will just eat you up. Bravo, Steve, on getting to the point where you are willing to try and let it go.  

Meanwhile, to get to the bottom of an artifact, Pete did what Pete does best: annoy people. I was not expecting the twist that the artifact was in Cody’s chest. I have a lot of respect for Pete for continuing to stand up to Cody, making him realize that he wasn’t a killer. Forcing him to admit that was pretty damn brave. 

I called it last week that Artie was about at the end of his rope and it wasn't going to be too long before Mrs. Fredric, Leena or HG confronted him fully about the astrolabe. Just 10 minutes into the episode we were all rewarded with Artie finally giving the details to all three at once. 

This led to my second surprise of the night, when Mrs. Fredric sent the astrolabe away with HG. Oh, how I will miss my English-accented beauty while she is away. But I have to guess she will be very motivated to keep the astrolabe safe so that she doesn't die again. Here is to hoping she makes it back to us safely. 

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you glad Steve is off the metronome? How long do you think it will be before we see HG again? Be sure and stop by our Warehouse 13 Quotes to see if your favorite made the list. 


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I don't know why but I like Claudia but I dislike Steve and I even stopped watching the show when he is in it. His character is not cool.


Chuckles, I didn't even think about Mrs. Fredric- that's interesting. I'm glad Artie finally told someone. I really wish the writers would wrap up this thing with Adrian. He is evil. The storyline is being run into the ground.


I loved the scenes with Jink's mom and the whole forgiveness and pure heart of a mom getting him off the metronome, mainly because I would do the same for my son, and I imagine most moms would sacrifice just about anything for their children. Did anyone else catch the line Jinks said when Claudia inquired as to whether his mom was upset about him being gay? "No, she didn't care about that at all" or something like that, and then when his mother welcomes them so warmly, Claudia says "Yeah, what a nightmare you lived," which was hilarious. I thought that was so cool when they made him being gay a non-issue. I also wanted to state that I get a 'gay-vibe' off of Myka all the time, and I don't know whether it is the actress who plays her or the character she plays, but she only seems to have chemistry with HG Wells. Anyway, loved that Mrs Frederick and HG are now on the case of Brother Adrian, and I hope that that whole thing will be taken care of without killing any of our favorite Warehouse 13 characters!


At the end I don't think that was ms.fredrick and it suck that h.g and myka still not in a scene together I hope h.g come back soon.


Personally I don't think it was Mrs. Fredrick at the end, I think it might have been Adrian (had the purple gloves on so he could have been using Harriet Tubman's thimble to be Mrs. Fredrick). I loved the episode though


I loved the episode. With Myka and Pete when they where watching the guy box I got the idea that the artifact might be inside of him and I was still a little shocked when it actually was. Myka was genius in the idea of injecting the goo into him and argueing with Pete while he's dieing and she's panicking. I'm glad Steve is finally off the metronome we don't have to worry about Claudia getting hurt everytime he does and we don't have to worry about the metronome because it is now destroyed. Glad Artie finally told H.G., Mrs. Fredrick and Leena what was going on and why he couldn't un do it and they all agree they would do the same thing and he couldn't un do it. I wonder when Artie will realize the astrolabe is missing because with out him knowing mrs. Fredrick gave it to H.G. To take care of and I'll miss her while she's gone I hope we see her again after a couple of episdode but we probably wouldn't see her until the last few episodes or the last episode.

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Artie: Alright. Then what is it? What's the evil?
Mrs. Frederic: Have you considered the man that keeps bringing artifacts back into the world? The one who's trying to kill the people you care about? That, this Brother Adrian, is the evil.

Arthur is very busy. You're grown agents, handle it!

Mrs. Frederic