Weeds Review: Return to Regrestic

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The Botwins returned to Agrestic on the 100th episode of Weeds... errrr, Regrestic.... errr, the Land of a Million Easy Plot Devices.

While I was prepared to watch "God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise" with an open mind, considering my frustration at the meandering, tension-free Season 8 so far, I found myself disappointed once again by the show I once adored.

If anything, this trip back home simply reminded me of how fresh and witty Weeds once seemed. And how random and direction-less it has become.

Nancy with Guillermo

My main frustration stemmed from just how easy everything came to Nancy and company.

She decided to go into the legal weed business at the conclusion of last Sunday's installment and then - boom! - she convinced old friends Conrad and Guillermo to join her before this week's half hour was over.

Silas re-discovered the love of his life. Shane was given his badge back. Doug - seriously, why has he been kept around this season when he has absolutely nothing to do with the family? - decided to make some more money by going all religious.

It was all wrapped in a tidy, undeveloped bow... except for Andy and that final scene, of course. I give full props to Justin Kirk and Mary-Louise Parker. It was a doozy.

Viewers have been waiting for that moment between Nancy and Andy for 99 episodes. So it's hard to argue that it wasn't earned; Andy's feelings for his one-time sister-in-law and the way he has kept following her around to all ends of the continent, despite no reciprocated confirmation, has certainly been an ongoing storyline.

But not so much this season. Not so much in the moments leading up to that raw, emotion-filled session on the front lawn. It came out of nowhere in many ways, didn't it? Nancy was setting up her new business, Andy, yes, was wondering where his life was headed... and then suddenly they're finally doing it and Nancy is screaming out for Andy to stick around.

It was well acted and it did finally give this show some tension heading into next week's series finale, but it came across as shoved in at the last second, as if creator Jenji Kohan knew she had to bring this relationship to a boil, so she simply did so. Just like that.

What did everyone else think of the return trip home? Were you happy to see Conrad again? And do you want to see Nancy end up with Andy?


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Is there any show you enjoy reviewing past the first season? Always whining about how they have too many plotlines and how they've lost it from the first season... That's what shows do! They grow and develop and have to change. Imagine 8 seasons in Aggrestic? How boring. Look at Californication and Gossip Girl to name a few of my former favorite shows... they stay where they are, everyone does the same predicatble shit over and over again, and only into season 4 they are already limping toward a rapidly descending finish line. Yes Weeds has a lot of hit and miss... this season Doug with the homeless is just totally irrelevant to every story (and pretty disturbing), but weeds is still going for 8 seasons!! And I loved 6 and 7... the contrast of the wild lands of america, and then new york... was f** awesome!! It doesn't have to be a deep serious plotline, its escapism!! Awesome show. Awesome story!


We reached a new low in credibility when Nancy moronically tracked down Guillermo and was rewarded with the business arrangement she was seeking, instead of another well-deserved bullet in the head. Banging Andy in the very spot where Judah died was as unsympathetic an act as the Nancy character has been saddled with by writers desperate to manufacture something out of nothing. Agree that this entire 8th season has been a colossal, flaccid bore. Thankful that Showtime pulled the plug before this once-razor-sharp series could embarrass itself with another meandering descent into disappointment.


How can you possibly write a review on this episode without noting that the very spot that Nancy & Andy did the deed was where Judah dropped dead 10 years earlier? That was extremely symbolic and should not have been missed by any decent reviewer.
And Nancy convincing everyone to work with her? Thats just Nancy being Nancy. Why wouldn't Megan be there? Ever gone back to your old town a few years later? Obviously not. Tv Fanatic needs a new reviewer.


I couldn't disagree with you more on your review of this episode. Yes, Weeds has not been the same, they should have ended this show a couple years ago. BUT, for the first time in a LONG LONG time this episode concluded and I asked myself, "Wow, where has this show been for the past 3 years?" From beginning to end I thought this episode made up for its lack of direction that they have provided us with. I thought that final scene was one of the shows bests. This episode brought me back to the feeling I used to get when the show first started. And for the first time in a long time, I can't wait for the finale next week. Give Jenji some credit, she put together a story line that got tough to stick with. She still made the show last 8 years. She created characters that everyone loves in Andy and Nancy. She isn't going to disappoint this Sunday. I can't wait.


well is what happens to sex when you wait forever to have it!! ugh so well written for Andy & Nancy but sad, real sad, super realistic tho.....my regrets r there's only last episode left so not many sex scenes to enjoy those crazy kids having:( fingers crossed for them ending up together in the finale. if I'd have to guess - pretty sure he got her pregnant ( he came inside her, how the scene looked - am I perv for reading into that? :P)n him wanting to be a dad that will be great resolution to it all...


It is so hard to believe this series could get worse but, everyweek, it hits a new low. Andy and Nancy having sex right on the front lawn and his screwing her and pulling out and walking away. Oh, such drama. Give me a break. Crap writing. I know juveniles who could write better. One more week of this shit and it's OVER thank God. Why do i continue to watch it? My wife that's why and even she has had it. Garbage guys, pure garbage.


It's been utterly innocuous since the time jump. Time jumps are evil. Although the fourth and fifth seasons were vile, I actually liked the sixth a lot. I suppose after chucking so much danger Nancy's way, literal disenfranchisement was the only way forward. Watching Season 7 and this though, and nothing feels related to anything. I'd blame it on an writing team inferior to the one running Seasons 1 - 3 but it's largely stayed the same. I think the only thing that would redeem this useless season is of course an appearance by Elizabeth Perkins but we would've heard about that by now.


Wow...another truly awful episode...one more left...Jenji ran out of gas at the end of season 6...


Whiney not Whitney


Dude why are you soooo hard on this season?! Can't you just enjoy it! It's weeds final bow and all you've done this season is tear it to pieces!!! Let's see you write a show for eight seasons and see whAt you can come up with! Probably nothing at all! Your reviews just sound Whitney and don't give the show or the actors justice! And you are obviously bored because all your reviews are short and contrite! Why don't you let someone on the staff who enjoys the show write the last review because quite frankly I'm sick and tired of you as a so called critic!

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