Weeds Series Finale Review: Anything But a High Note

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Well, that was pretty much everything I hate about television.

By skipping ahead many years, the Weeds finale abandoned any sense of continuity and completely slapped viewers in the face with "It's Time."

Such a ridiculous maneuver made all Season 8 episodes leading up to it completely irrelevant - which, granted, isn't saying much, considering the mess of a final season and its lack of flow in the first place - and made it incredibly easy for the show to just tie everything up however it wanted.

This was the epitome of lazy writing.

Weeds Finale Scene

On any season, let alone the concluding one, a well-penned series builds toward some major character event or decision. There's a pace to good television, a plan viewers can clearly see when they step back and consider the various episodes as a whole.

But that goes out the window when you just cop out and fast forward a decade, filling in backstory with random asides (oh, Nancy married the rabbi? And he died? And Silas had a kid? And Shane fell off the rails? And Andy moved away? And, hey, how hilarious, Isabelle had a sex change!). It's an insult to long-time viewers to simply gloss over the most important developments in the lives of characters we've followed for so many years.

How can one even analyze what we saw or learned here? It was all utterly contrived.

I get legitimately angry thinking about it. What an awful episode and disappointing way to bring the series to a close.

What did everyone think of the final Weeds episode?


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It wasn't a great finale. I always liked Celia and there was no mention of her, the story lines with Shane and Doug were really poorly done. I liked the way things turned out with Andy and Nancy though, he finally grew some and won't end up dead. ;) The very final scene was a great moment though and the right characters were there for that.


yes, true it was lazy writing (and needlessly sappy at a couple moments that made me cringe), however, with the direction the show has been going, i do not think it would have been any better if it had not jumped ahead in time; although i was caught off guard, that didn't bother me too much. overall (again, given the way the last few seasons have gone) i thought it was alright and enjoyed watching it enough to pay attention and laugh a few times. of course, if they had ended it 3 seasons ago, it wouldn't have lost it's pizazz.....but oh well. i do like the characters of this show, especially shane and andy, regardless of a few unnatural developments in the past few seasons. and i will ALWAYS love the first 3 seasons a lot!


It was a very disappointing end, but over this season I've grown to expect that ... none of the flair of earlier seasons. Even Doug's situation wasn't funny - just plain absurd. And, like 99.9% of episodes, we again ended with Nancy and a dopey look on her face.
So, roll on Breaking Bad.


I feel cheated and robbed. This was one of the best shows on tv and they sold out in the last season. They should have ended last year and spared us this shi**y ending. I agree with Matt - the epitome of lazy writing.


What we have missed throughout the last 8 years is the connection of what this show is truly about. We have been bombarded with such dramatic events of Nancy involved with men, drugs, family, etc. that we forget what this show was truly about. A family attempting to overcome one of the most traumatic events that could possibly occur to them in the untimely death of the father, who was portrayed as both a caretaker emotionally and financially within the family. I think the final episode showcased beautifully that the entire series has been every characters direct attempt at trying to figure out their own idea of what happiness is after enduring said event. "Happiness" is a reoccuring word throughout the episode, and every time it is muttered, it is noticed that Nancy seems to be the only one who has not found it. But during the final smoke scene, the camera pans in on Nancy's face with a crooked smile. I believe that her happiness is essentially seeing every one that she loves around her being happy. She was never a heartless mother, just a bad one during the toughest of times. I believe she looks around her at the finale of the show and is mesmerized by what she has been able to accomplish since her first husband passed, and how terrified she was that she wasn't going to be able to in the beginning. Silas perfectly captures this feeling when he speaks to Nancy about his upbringing, and about how he does wish he could have had a normal childhood, but that he was brought fine, just in an unorthodox manner. Nancy and the audience come to the realization by the end of the episode that not every path needs to me a straight line. Sometimes you learn and feel the most when the path zig-zags.


Although her life was building up to this, it was sad that Nancy was rejected by everyonee. I think it should have ended ambiguously with the possibility that she killed herself. As it was, there was no clue how she was going to go on without having anyone to control, let alone love. It ended with a dull thud for me. No hope and no desperation, either. Also, I think they could have ended without skipping ahead so many years and giving every character (EXCEPT CELIA) completely different lives from what they'd developed in the storyline. Bad writer, to develop a practically non-existent character (Doug's son) for this episode and not even mention Celia, who was a major force for more than half the show's run.


that was everything but a review... if you never liked the show why you even bother to write about it ?


I could agree more with this article, not to be too cliche like this final episode of the show but the writers really "Jumped the Shark" on this one. For-shame.


shite wish i hadnt watched it


The season finale showed that Nancy was paying for her sins. None of the family was going to let her run their lives and the world didn't revolve around her anymore. Silas said it best when he said "It's not about you." As hard as it was to watch Nancy see her whole family move on, finally live their own lives, and have the way she personally screwed up each of her family members put into perspective, it was still bittersweet because Nancy needed to live with the outcome from her decisions, yet still had the unsaid support of all who came together for one last puff as a family in the snow. The season finale was perfect in its own way. The Weeds way. Nothing has ever gone to plan with this family, not one will have their perfect ending, they all still have their issues. But the end of the series still left you with hope for Nancy...

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