Weeds Series Finale Review: Anything But a High Note

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Well, that was pretty much everything I hate about television.

By skipping ahead many years, the Weeds finale abandoned any sense of continuity and completely slapped viewers in the face with "It's Time."

Such a ridiculous maneuver made all Season 8 episodes leading up to it completely irrelevant - which, granted, isn't saying much, considering the mess of a final season and its lack of flow in the first place - and made it incredibly easy for the show to just tie everything up however it wanted.

This was the epitome of lazy writing.

Weeds Finale Scene

On any season, let alone the concluding one, a well-penned series builds toward some major character event or decision. There's a pace to good television, a plan viewers can clearly see when they step back and consider the various episodes as a whole.

But that goes out the window when you just cop out and fast forward a decade, filling in backstory with random asides (oh, Nancy married the rabbi? And he died? And Silas had a kid? And Shane fell off the rails? And Andy moved away? And, hey, how hilarious, Isabelle had a sex change!). It's an insult to long-time viewers to simply gloss over the most important developments in the lives of characters we've followed for so many years.

How can one even analyze what we saw or learned here? It was all utterly contrived.

I get legitimately angry thinking about it. What an awful episode and disappointing way to bring the series to a close.

What did everyone think of the final Weeds episode?


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I was a big weeds fan, but they totally cheated us all with this series finale going so far in time and trying to jam everything together like that with the in believable storyline,I myself could have written a better ending and where the hell was Celia?! I liked her they could hand brought her back for the finale she was funny always trying to keep up with Nancy but getting into a mess.. Two thumbs down for the finale!!!


I really liked the final episode, as with the series itself it continued that ever-evolving plot-line with silliness combined with drama. Its an interesting twist to show everyone so far down-the-line. I will admit there were moments I was feeling lost in some ways as so many years had passed. Weeds had some of the best SEASON endings of any show and if held up to those, yes it was a disappointment. I did like how not everything finished with sunshine and roses. I guess I liked the episode because it was bittersweet, especially at the end. We'll miss those characters and having them ponder their futures or moments on the steps was a nice finish.


The final episode let down is that Nancy and Andy have spent years apart and do not end up together. Andy did not stay to help raise Stevie; the Rabbi did. Disapointing. Andy was the only reason that Nancy could breath. Taking care of Nancy was the only reason for Andy to keep on breathing. Whatever toxins were part of the relationship, the people that were the most important to them were the same people. I would have liked the see the 'final four' still connected at the hip 10 years later, and had the season wrapped up with that not changing. The funniest and most touching scenes were between some combination of those four people. It was sad to see them part ways.


Ps: I did read a few comments that dissed Doug's son and the story line, remember though Doug's son was who she started to sell weed for way back in season 1. That scene with them in the kitchen to me was the only worthy scene of the finale. It reflected a lot of where she came from. Just my thoughts. Otherwise I agree it was lacking! Bad ending!


Did they seriously leave Nancy with ANOTHER dead husband??!!! That brings the total to FOUR. Juda, The DEA agent Scotson (sp?), Estaban and now the Rabi. Omg. I couldn't even believe they did that. No wonder they couldn't hook her and Andy up, he would have been dead for the series finale. I agree with everyone else on here, just a sloppy bad job closing the show. I have to say these last few seasons have been a train wreck. For me the best ending was Season 6 and they should have stopped there.


thrown off by the jump into the future, I feel this was total cop-out and a waste of a season.. its over and I am unsatisfied thinking that the writers and creator, Janji Kohan could have done better. In reality, they could not have done another season, especially after watching the past 6 seasons. I feel like they gave up after season 2...and so did I and a lot of others. Yet we watch, hoping it will get better. So will I. Wanting that spark I felt in the beginning. Wanting to catch that grizzly TV show which enthralls us and makes us want more. In that Weeds succeed.


Bleh..mush pablum,unfocused,a complete sellout. Too bad........having said that..a FANTASTIC series. One bad episode in 8 years


like the review i am a long time viewer of Weeds and followed it from season 1! this is just a quick way of ending the show .. .really you expect me to swallow that?????? total bulllshit!


Matt, I don't usually address reviewers directly, as everyone is entitled to their opinion, critics included. But you may wish you had this one back when the sting of a disappointing episode fades a bit. It feels very mailed in. 230 words and most of them devoted not to the episode or to the series, but to your personal level of disgust. Really? Eight seasons, 100 episodes and a fanatically loyal fanbase deserved more reflection from the TVFanatic Weeds beat writer than "It sucked so bad that I don't really know what to say about it."


I didn't hate the finale. It was definitely better than Dallas' "Bobby in the shower" or the abrupt "Don't Stop Believin'" fade to black on The Sopranos. Keep in mind that the decision to end the show came from Lionsgate TV, not from the creators, after writing was underway.

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