Wilfred Review: What Do You See?

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The exceptional quality of Wilfred Season 2 has been well documented by me right here at TV Fanatic over the course of past few months. It has been hilarious, both heart-warming and depressing at times, and about as thought provoking as a comedy can be.

While the finale produced its fair share of laughs - Kristen telling Ryan's friend to "get a feel" for her baby, and Wilfred's admission that Amazon.com's one-click shopping makes things very easy were a couple of my favorites - in true season-ending fashion "Secrets" was more about the bigger picture.

Wilfred At a Wedding

Before getting to Ryan and his pretty picture, let's attempt to dissect Amanda's actions, figuring out if they may tell us something about this world we've been watching for two seasons now.

I had no idea what to expect when Ryan actually admitted to her that he and Wilfred "talk to each other." My stomach went up into my chest a little bit because I was so nervous about what was going to come next. When Amanda said she did it too, I didn't know what to think.

That's when my brain started going into overdrive...and inevitably caused steam to come out of my ears and shut me down for a few minutes. While there are certainly endless possibilities of what Amanda was really thinking, I have come up with two main ones:

1) She's normal crazy, and she's crazy in love with Ryan. She went along with Ryan's story about talking to Wilfred because she thought it was a weird game he played and she wanted to be a part of his crazy life. Amanda doesn't hear Wilfred talk, but she wanted to get in on the fun. Her making up stuff that Wilfred said, and saying he had a French accent, were just her way of adding to the fun character crazy Ryan was making up. She thought Ryan would accept it and add something else new and wild. Because she was so serious and quick to dive in about her experience as soon as Ryan told her about the situation, I'm not as sold on this idea as I am that...

2) Amanda sees Wilfred as a man, he talks to her, he has a French accent and he did say that the bride and groom on the cake reminded him of Ryan and Amanda. Her Wilfred is a completely different Wilfred than the one Ryan sees. She is crazy, but she is the same kind of crazy as Ryan. Ryan's Wilfred doesn't know what her deal is because he's Ryan's pot smoking Wilfred with an Australian accent. Others may see and talk to Wilfred as well, but we just haven't run into those people yet. If this makes sense, Wilfred the entity would be crucial to the world that this story takes place in. Wilfred, the character that we've grown to know over the past two seasons, would just simply be the projection Ryan has come up with for said entity.

And those last two paragraphs are what make Wilfred such a great show.  It's what made Lost such a great show.  I have no doubt that all of my ideas aren't anywhere near what the showrunners have in their head for Amanda or the mythology of Wilfred in general, but that doesn't matter.  The way they have written this show has provided the opportunity for me to write these wild theories, and for fans everywhere to contemplate what the heck is going on in the world of Wilfred.  That makes it fun.  That makes it interesting.

When you add Ryan's picture to all of those Amanda questions, you are left with a wonderful mind jumble of Wilfred greatness until next summer's third season!  If Ryan drew that picture of a Wilfred-looking dog peeking around a tree well before our Wilfred was ever born, what does that mean?  Has he imagined this character all along, but only now has the living creature to project it onto?  Is it something even bigger?  We'll likely never know the answers to these questions until the series ends...if then, but again, asking them is part of the fun.  It's part of the ride.  And it's been great so far!

You know what else is great?  A nice call back.  "Secrets" made a couple of perfect ones.  There was the more recent call back to Wilfred having to have his paw on top, and his inevitable quiet anger when Ryan kept putting his hand on top of Wilfred's.

Then there was the call back to the end of last season when Wilfred made Ryan think this whole mess was like the plot of Lost.  This time it was Ryan pulling the fast one on Wilfy, comparing their situation to Battlestar Galactica.  The only thing better than Ryan's joyous "What did you think of the ending?" was Wilfred's angry "Frak you!" right back at him.

All in all it was a great ending to a fantastic season.  What did you think of "Secrets?"  How about the season as a whole?  What was the funniest moment from this finale?  And are either of my theories on Amanda anywhere close to what's actually going on?


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I thought of the different wilfreds for different people idea as well. To Myles, Bruce has only been seen by ryan as well. He always shows up when ryan in alone, which makes me think if wilfred is in ryans head then so is Bruce.
The question that I really want answered is, who built the wall in front of the basement steps? Ryan knocks down the wall in the first episode of season two, but they never go back to say or hint as to who built that wall. Then again, the trap door appearing in the basement makes me start to think that the basement may not actually exist again.
This is why i love this show.


I think Wilfred is the embodiment of Ryan's conscience and his actions are actually done by Ryan himself in Ryan's subconscious. It's kinda' iffy to believe that a dog could retrieve Ryan's black files or edit the cat killer video and all those other things that Wilfred did which only Ryan has knowledge of how to do. And Ryan always looks like he needs sleep. I also noticed that Wilfred always urges Ryan at any given opportunity to face his current problem immediately and either has a catalyst to make it happen fast or has a dog problem (i.e. Wilfred's fidelity issues with Jenna when he found out that she's been petting other dogs) that could coincide with how to face said problem.


"In my opinion, Wilfred is" is a terrible place to start exploring Wilfred. It's like the meaning of life, I do not want to know the undeniable objective true answer. The question of Wilfred existence is one you like best personally. Knowing the definitive answer that the writers have basically ruins the point of Wilfred the TV Show. For me Wilfred's existence has a similar purpose to a fantasy or fucked up fairy tales. It's the unknown out of the world creativity that hits you personally makes Wilfred roller-coaster ride and funny. Great writing does not hold your hand and outline it out then leave NO space for your own thoughts. Wilfred is classic case of great that concepts that allows the consumer to perceive and digest it personaly then is given space for themselfs explore with their own thoughts. Wilfred is best enjoyed with one's own brain.


In my opinion, Wilfred is a projection of Ryans subconscious. He represents all the parts of life in which Ryan has repressed throughout his life. (similar to the idea of the movie fight club i guess) All the times They are hanging out and smoking together, as well as all the things Wilfred apparently does is just Ryan alone. Now i wonder if the basement exists???


I think Ryan told us all what the deal is (he might not have 'realised' he did but I reckon the writers certainly did): multiple Wilfreds. And that's why I thought your second theory was the correct one when I was watching, too. It'd certainly be a fun episode if numerous Wilfreds got to meet...




I very much did enjoy the season-finale, but my theory is that Amanda was just crazy and needed to get help. If you recall the odd creepy guy that could speak to Wilfred as well, that dismisses the idea that people see Wilfred differently. As to the drawings I'm sure that Ryan is going to recall knowing Wilfred and that he was there to help aid him when Ryan's parents were fighting. I can see Ryan trying to kill himself again.


Very thought provoking.....have no clue what's going on
but can't wait til next season....
The most entertaining show on tv today!

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