666 Park Avenue Review: Birds of a Feather

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There's a reason 666 Park Avenue is the guilty pleasure of Sunday night. It's glossy, sexy, scary and just pure fun.

Is the plot complicated or dripping with gritty drama? Not really, but like the premiere, the tone and premise has enough mystery and seduction even if it feels at times a bit campy.

"Murmurations" just dug a little deeper into what's behind the hotel and continued to expose the desires of the residents.

What Will Jane Find?

Jane continues to smile and act as the friendly manager to any and everyone. Unfortunately, her dreams continue to plague her with visions of secret doors and murders. And like the curious Nancy Drew that she is, she starts digging around discovering birds in the walls.

Except these birds aren't nice. Think Hitchcock's The Birds all trapped within the walls and when they get out and are bothered... well, let's just say you're not going to survive.

But are they just birds? Are they something more? Trapped souls perhaps?

There's that unknown just lying in wait and the supernatural aspect continues to peak through, not too much, but just enough that you know there's something not quite right with the hotel.

I mean, Danielle, hasn't aged a day and yet she repeatedly kills her boyfriends over the years. Gavin clearly has her under some type of spell, but what for? What does she offer?

Gavin is truly an enigma with a devilish grin that's both charming and sinister at the same time. He's always up to something, clearly a type of puppeteer for the residents of the hotel, but what is his end game? Why does he do the things he does?

Like test Henry for example. Gavin clearly wants Henry for something and we learn that aside from the fact he never answers Jane's texts, he's a pretty stand-up guy. Not to mention that he and Jane exude a youthful sexiness and chemistry between each other.

I'm pretty sure Gavin wants Henry for more than just his good looks, though.

But the series certainly is full of its beautiful people and the seductress across the street continues to tempt Brian. You can't help but keep shaking your head every time he peaks over the top of his computer. He should definitely know something is wrong when she seems this willing to jump his bones after his repetitive peeping.

I guess hotness can be blinding.

But what about Nona? The girl knows something is wrong. How? And why is she still stealing things? Does Gavin know she knows?

I'm sure Jane will find her way to Nona with questions. If Jane ever manages to get out of that room she found in the basement. Hasn't she ever seen scary movies before? I know, I know. She's just curious.

Certainly, that intrigue that Jane finds within the hotel is similar to why viewers should tune in and want to keep watching. I know I'm curious to figure it all out and the questions are already building up around the show.

For now, the plot isn't really at all intricate and I'm not sure what's going to take place beyond weird happenings in the hotel. That said, there's something enticing about 666 Park Avenue that makes it hard to look away.


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Late last night, I watched the 2nd episode of 666 Park Avenue on On Demand. I thought that it was better than the pilot episode. I somehow knew that that creepy-looking exterminator was gonna die. Yikes!!!!! In general, that building on the show is totally crawling with secrets...LOL!!!!! All in all, COOL episode.


this show is worst then lost. if you're not going to at least tell us what the heck this hotel/apartment place is then explain the new mysteries like what the heck is up with the birds. give the viewers a little something so they feel like they are getting something out of the show. i doubt this show will have a full season and definitely not a second season. they just need to start solving some mysteries cause its like an episode of scooby doo without the kids ever seeing the monster or solving the case. what's the fun in that?


i like this show. itskinda silly and obvious but for some reason i cant quit watching! that danielle chick was interesting. so they allowed that one guys murder (im assuming he was her first) to be recorded but all these other guys gon on being missing persons? did anybody else notice if he did in fact take off his wedding ring? i like how they put thoughts in janes head about how hot henry is (and he IS) and she starts noticing all the women checking him out. girl best keep her man from danielle! brian brian brian, that chick is going to be boiling things soon if you dont watch out! did he really sleep with her? probably. sad cause i love the actor. that woman is something else. think gavin controls the blinds?? seems like that would have to be him handywork orchastrating them to open when the chicks in front of her window cause we all saw brian close em. hmmmm lol i love this show! why im not sure lol

Sarah silva

I think the birds are trapped souls.
My prediction: Gavin has been around since the opening of 666 Park Ave. He made a deal with the devil or someone to stay the age he is and do the dirty work so to speak. Danielle does some of the dirty work like killing that guy who owned the building Gavin wanted to buy. I bet every man she has killed has been an obstacle in Gavin's way and in turn she stays young!
Jane is to curious for her own good! However I find in interesting that she keeps dreaming of deaths etc, I think Gavin is ochestrating that too and eventually it will drive he crazy and open up Gavin to use Henry for what he is planning on using him for!


V. Willams doesn't add much to the show but I think O'Quinn might have finally found his show. Still can't act but that great face control makes him look like the devil. (If you haven't caught on yet, he is Satan).


this show is the most un-scary horror show ever. In fact, they used a song from an episode of buffy at one point- just highlights how it does not nearly stack up to the other supernatural shows on tv, including supernatural


We like it and will keep watching. It's an Apt. Building, not a Hotel.


Interesting but for all its mystery it needs to have a plot that we can see.


It's got me hooked.

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