666 Park Avenue Review: What's In the Suitcase?

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So, when are we going back to the island?

This is Lost, right? That was the black smoke monster taking up residence inside a dusty old suitcase and Terry O'Quinn's character was balancing the line of good and evil, so it only makes sense. That, or maybe Smokey (because let's be honest, we're never gonna know that guy's real name) always works with O'Quinn, much like Johnny Depp always works with Tim Burton.

I guess it's only a matter of time before we discover a hatch and polar bears start running amok inside the Drake.

Henry Learns About Gavin

And I know that Lost doesn't have a monopoly on intelligent black smoke, but it is an interesting choice for the show that you can't help but draw comparisons.

You could say 666 Park Avenue is similar to Lost, but more so in the fact that there's a deep mystery and mythology rooted behind the location and even the characters (although I hope that we do get to learn what plenty of it means.)

But, really, the series is something else entirely and the level of creepiness combined with that air of seduction provides for an entertainment factor that just draws you in.

"Hero Complex" certainly did and you can't help but watch the show and think, "but why?," "what does that mean?," or "what's that answer to that secret?"

I'm not quite sure if the show has established itself a plot beyond the fact that the Drake and in essence Gavin Doran are eerily enigmatic, while the characters who find themselves at the apartment complex have dreams and desires waiting to be fulfilled.

What is the larger purpose? Why these characters?

These questions also lend themselves to the mystique of 666 Park Avenue and are a part of the whole reason people watch, aside from the scary appeal and good looking actors.

But the hour seemed to dig itself into that supernatural aspect and play with the idea of the importance involving Henry and Jane.

While O'Quinn does a fantastic job playing Gavin with menace one moment and sincere friendliness the next, Dave Annable stole the spotlight.

The actor who plays Henry, for the most part, has been relegated to charming smiles and all around good guy actions. He's there for Jane, he's pals with Gavin, he's helpful to Brian.

So, it was great to see Henry shift away from the happy go lucky dude and reveal that serious side. He had impressive scenes acting confident with Gavin, nervous and questioning when downloading the files, and surprised by taking action when Kandinsky arrived.

There's clearly a lot more going on to Henry. It has allow Annable to shine. And it makes me more invested in his character knowing that he questioned the whole situation even if he was essentially manipulated into trusting Gavin. I'm more on board following Henry.

But just what does Gavin want?

I'm a little surprised that Kandinsky and the obituary writer Anne made it to this episode, as I thought their arc was done last time. Was it needed for this one? I guess it served out Gavin's purpose and illustrated his devious ways while illuminating further Nona's flashes.

Which really begs the question about what is up with Nona's grandmother? Is that something Gavin did?

It will definitely be interesting in seeing how the show manages to combine all the different aspects and puzzles, including the noticeably absent Brian, Louise and Alexis. There's something of a master plan at work, but I've got no idea what it all is. Yet it's clear that the characters are becoming more wrapped up and sucked in by Gavin and his building.

But can someone please give Jane some scary movies to watch? It's like she keeps doing all of those things you're not supposed to do. Throw away the suitcase!

Truthfully, it doesn't matter now, because smokey turned into the new creep fest, and it looks like things are about to get even more hectic for the unsuspecting residents of 666 Park Avenue.


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This was, in my opinion, a "turn-around" episode.
Had been getting bored but it's starting to get GOOD!

Leon alexis

Still don't know,do I like this show or not,but I hope I will!


I adore this show.


Love this show!!! Keep on making it ABC please...please!!! Last episode was by far the best. Smoke monster? What the hey oh!?!? Loved that. All of the actors are awesome and the writing is fantastic. Sure some things can get a bit TV at times but who cares as long as its fun. Speaking of I need more Tony on this show. He's funny as hell. I was a New York guy and I dig him...he reminds me of a few friends I had back in the day. Also, hook me up with some more scantily clad ladies please.


Dude...I agree!!!!! Jane needs to get rid of that damn suitcase...FAST!!!!! It looks old, beat up and creepy-looking. And, most of all, who knows how old that suitcase really is. Yikes.


Have you seen "Once Upon A Time"? Smokey's got a cameo over there too. And guess who makes that show...

Sarah silva

Sean: Me too, I am interested to see just how much Olivia knows.
I also was thinking this morning that it is not a coincidence that Jane and Henry ended up at the Drake, I think Gavin orchestrated it BUT Jane can see ghosts etc so maybe with her he will get more than he bragained for. Also I think Nona's grandma was clairvoyant like Nona and I think her Grandma knew too much and Gavin silenced her and when he finds out about Nona I think he will try and get rid of her too!

Sp mckenna

@Mrs alex o'loughlin - I just couldn't help it. I had to do the Lost comparison. As for Olivia and Gavin, I'm really interested in seeing that relationship further and just how much they know about each other. And yay to more episode orders! @jaybird369 - I guess I never thought there might be more in that suitcase, and if that's the case that would be crazy. Jane really needs to get rid of it for sure.


To me, last night's new episode of 666 Park Avenue was so spooky...DAMN!!!!! Just as well...I mean...Halloween is next Wednesday. LOL!!!!! And that kidnapper was so creepy-looking. Again...DAMN!!!!! And, as for that suitcase, I think that there's more to that suitcase than meets the eye. Come on...there has to be WAY MORE evil stuff in there than just some mysterious-looking black fog. LOTS MORE!!!!! Until next week...Peace.

Sarah silva

Too funny! I knew you would open with a Lost comparison but it is so true! When I was watching I was like "what will Sean have to say in his review".
I too think it was great to see Henry have more of a role this episode. Jane calling Nona special was sweet as now her and Nona can maybe confide in each other as Jane can see ghosts and she is not telling Henry that she sees ghosts.
I missed Brian in this episode!
I was under the impression that Olivia did not know what Gavin was up to or who he really was but I guess she does.
I think the purpose of having the writer storyline carry over was for the audience to see that if you cross or question Gavin bad things will happen. If Henry was not there to serve a bigger purpose then Gavin would have killed him already.
I am interested to see who Mr Smokey is, he is obviously a bad man if the little girl ghost is scared.
Last week 666 was given more episode orders from ABC so that is great!

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