Adam Gregory to Return in Special 90210 Episode

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Adam Gregory is on his way back to 90210.

The actor - who recurred as Ty on Season 1 of The CW drama, a love interest for Annie who also knocked up Adrianna - will reprise his role in an unusual upcoming episode of the series.

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According to TV Guide, viewers will discover what would have happened to Ty if Annie never actually moved to Beverly Hills.

The installment will run in late December or early January and sounds like one of those "What If..." episodes a show airs when it's run out of new ideas.

90210, meanwhile, returns from a hurricane-induced week off next Tuesday with "Into the Wild." Ryan Lochte will appear shirtless on it.

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My prediction: he ends up being yet another boy toy for Silver!


Him and Ade will probably be together i hope always thought they would of made a cute couple they definitely made a cute baby lol I wish he becomes a regular!


WAIT! If they bring back Ty they gotta bring back Ethan!!!! Ethan made the 1st season!!! Ty is cute too but he came off a jerk hopefully he has grown.


I hope the bring Liomi back, even if it is for a what if episode!


I agree.. I like them too. and in case anyone havent noticed.. the new 90210 has the exact same stories and the original (Beverly hills)they just use different characters and do it in a different order... soo they about 5 more years of ideas if they do it right.


I enjoy 'What If...' episodes and I think 90110 could really pull it off if they brought back the right characters. I can't wait to see it.


i don't think i'm going to like this episode."what if" episodes are usually just filler episodes.


I remember him!!I loved him in season 1.hope the writers don't mess with his character

Spindae 2o

he will probably be Ade washed up cheating husband. Was a bit dissapointed how he was let down after s1.
But if he comes back Ethan should to.
In this world naomi and silver will probably still hate each other.


Omg! I always wanted him to be a regular on the show. I hope he gets scenes with Adrianna.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.