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American Horror Story Giveaway: Win Season 1 on Blu-ray!

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Attention, American Horror Story fans: before you enter the Asylum, enter the following contest in order to win Season 1 of this FX thriller on Blu-ray.

Season 1 of AHS

We have TWO copies of the first season to give away to TWO lucky readers. Just follow these very simple steps:

  1. Log-in or Register for TV Fanatic. Only registered users are eligible.
  2. Leave a Comment below with your answer to this question: With Season 1 taking place in a haunted house, and Season 2 inside a mental institution.... where do you think Season 3 of American Horror Story ought to be set?

That's it! Contest is open to U.S. residents only and we will announce the winners on Friday, October 12. Get creative, have fun and good luck to all!

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Season 3 should take place in an orphanage run by the sisterhood of the southern cross established during the antebellum period. The orphanage was built over a network of creepy catacombs with many secret doors hidden throughout the gothiclike building allowing for secret rituals being held behind its doors. The rituals are held to root out a very special child the sisterhood has been awaiting since the opening of the orphanage.


A castle in a small fishing community.


Out in the swamps in Louisiana on a big old plantation ... or maybe they will have to flee the country and they could end up in Ireland in a haunted castle on the bogs...


I think a haunted traveling circus would be cool. Like in "Something Wicked This Way Comes"


An old hotel with bad history


I say an old closed military base.


I agree with the amusement park local :)


I think a summer camp or a hotel would be interesting locales.


Season 3 should take place somewhere in the Midwest, like an old farming community.


I think an abandoned amusement park would be a great site for season three. I've seen pictures of one in Louisiana....throw in creepy clown ghosts and a few carnies gone wrong, and you've got the perfect nightmare.

American Horror Story Quotes

Fate. Destiny. Luck. The prisons of man. People pass the time, enjoying the choices life provides--coffee or tea, right or left--as if it matters. We are all just spinning on the wheel. There is but one way to keep off the wheel. It's not youth. It's not beauty or true love. I know how to stay off the wheel. I control my fate. I have survived because I know one must be willing to destroy anyone, anything, even the ones you love, to keep the gods in check.


[to Gloria] Those girls were a cool stream of glacier water. My heart bloomed as they nourished it. And now it's all gone. There's nothing left but the dust and the scorpions inside of me. I was never destined to feel love.

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