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I'm not sure if Oliver really knew about Laurel and Tommy, that guy is pretty good in hiding his thoughts. But I really think we don't need this love triangle.
We saw him spy on them in the end of first episode, so yeah, he knew.


Ok, I know I said that already, but this show is seriously cool.

I love Diggle and I'm so glad he knows the truth. He will be perfect as the right-hand man. I'm sure we'll soon learn more about his brother, who was clearly killed by Deadshot.

I'm not sure if Oliver really knew about Laurel and Tommy, that guy is pretty good in hiding his thoughts. But I really think we don't need this love triangle.

The IT girl scene was fun. I wonder if we'll see her on a regular basis. She's a perfect girl for Tommy, all problems solved.


Did anyone notice that "Andrew Diggle" was tattoo'd on Deadshot's chest? And then they added the bit about his brother being killed? I'm pretty sure there's not too many people running around with the last name Diggle. Makes me wonder where this is gonna go.


I loved this episode. It was great seeing Laurel kicking ass. I knew Diggle would find out at some point. I liked how the detective knew that the kill wasn't the work of arrow. I agree that the detective probably hates arrow a little less but he still hates him and will be looking for him. I loved the ending when Diggle got hit so Oliver took back to his hideout and took care of him then when he woke up Oliver was there with his hood down and just said Hay. Can't wait till the next episode.


One thing though: Did dead shot die? That was slightly anti climactic! Dead shot is supposed to be one of Arrow's foes. So happy that Katie Cassidy is on one of my fav shows. And I loved that they are using some of martial art skills Black Canary had! A nice shout out to her. Very awesome ep.


And Arrow continues to be THE ONLY show worth watching on CW.

Another BRILLIANT episode.

First of all - FUCK YES for Laurel kicking ass. Makes me think that her best friend will get killed somewhere along the way, leading her to go down the path her comic-book self went.

A Capable and badass female characters is pretty much unseen sight in channel like CW, so its more than welcome.

Also LOVE that the show is not dragging out people finding out who Arrow is - the characters are portrayed as perceptive and capable and I would not be surprised if someone else (Laurel? Merlin? Oliver's sister?) would figure it out before the season ends.


Good episode, but one thing still bugs me, the fact that Oliver is so technology smart, it's pretty obvious that they are gonna explain he got his Martian art skills from the guy on the island, but how he learn how to use A FBI tracking system on a computer & determine what kind of poison the bullet was laced with ? It would of been cool if they kept Deadshot alive for a couple more episode instead of just killing him right away, it was cool to see Laural kick ass maybe she'll become the Black Canary ? & I'm glad that Diggle found out about Oliver. I don't really like thr actor that plays Detective Lance ..something about his face, mouth & hair bugs me lol. But all in all a good episode


Can anyone explain to me the use of Deadshot's eyepiece if he looks through the scope of his rifle with the other eye?

Other than that this episode was pretty interesting and the last scene was awesome!


After following Ollie up to the roof, how did Diggle get to the building across, where Arrow and Deadshot were fighting?

Arrow got there by shooting a zipline arrow across the distance, sliding across and crashing through a window. How did DIGGLE get across? By running back DOWN the stairs to the ground floor, out the building, across to the OTHER building, getting inside somehow and then finding a way back UP the other building, looking for him???

And why would he do that, when he was following and looking for OLIVER, rather than his alter-ego Arrow. Made absolutely no sense.

But that's okay... it was still a cool episode. :)


Diggie will be Oliver's version of Batman's Alfred. And I believe he's more loyal to Oliver than to his next paycheck from Oliver's mother. He's had a lot of reason to say "fuck this." and leave; but the last episodes, he's started to see what kind of man Oliver is and has started to accept and respect that. Personally, he and Thea are my favorite characters. I'm looking forward to how he helps Ollie from here on out.

I do have a problem with this episode. Seriously, we introduce Deadshot just to kill him off in the same episode? I know he's minor and all but it didn't really seem like a challenge for Oliver. I mean, Deadshot could have been Oliver's first real challenge as a vigilante where he would encounter an opponent that matched his skills. It'd force Ollie to make mistakes, overcome his limits, and learn. They could have dragged Deadshot out a couple episodes or dropped him in a few seasons later when he's hired again by someone else.Instead, Oliver just puts an arrow in his eye and leaves lol. I don't expect him to last long but longer than a few sniper shots and dialog lines...

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