Arrow Review: Legally Resurrected

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It's safe to say that with the relief and shock of Oliver's return after five years, nobody on Arrow was expecting much from him.

However, once he was legally resurrected in "Honor Thy Father," it seemed like everyone was waiting to see who the new Oliver was and what his mark on the world would be. (Applied Sciences division? Where was Lucius Fox?)

Overall? We were treated to a cross between people who buy what Oliver is selling and those who see through the facade.

A Kiss for Laurel

With all the praise I've given Stephen Amell for his physique, I'd be remiss to ignore his acting skill. Amell pulls off the role of the obnoxious playboy very well. I truly do believe that he has a lot of people fooled. His Arrow voice just bothers me, though. It's deeper, cliched and honestly a little cheesy.

Don't get me wrong, I am still completely engrossed in the show, I just think it is a hard task for characters who play vigilantes or heroes to mask their voices during fight scenes. They are trying to throw people off and intimidate them, but I just wasn't completely sold. His fighting skills, on the other hand, are tremendous. Anyone who follows Amell on Twitter knows he is training his ass off for this show. I have to give the boy props!

Unfortunately, very few people are catching onto the fact that Oliver is Arrow. Obviously Diggle realizes it's a possibility, right? I loved the exchange between them after the fight scene at Laurel's apartment. Diggle is not a fool, but it's not his job to get Oliver to open up to him, so what's he going to say? It's almost like an unspoken agreement is forming. The only other person who I think has an inkling that Oliver and the vigilante could be related is Detective Lance. 

We've had two episodes now where the man in the green hoodie has saved people and gotten a confession from the bad guy. Obviously Lance realizes this isn't a clear cut villain situation. He also seems to have a lot of hate towards the Arrow, and we all know he has a lot of hate towards Oliver. Call it intuition, but I think Lance is getting a vibe.

Tommy and Laurel both know that Oliver is playing the part of moronic brat, but they just aren't sure why. He was very close to both of them so it makes sense that they realize they are witnessing an act. As for Thea, I'm glad she stood up to Oliver and told him she suffered too and he needed to let someone in. Clearly his mother is a bad choice, but I hope to see him bond with Thea more.

If every week we are going to see Oliver and Laurel take down a villain from different sides, it's going to get a little boring and formulaic. From what I understand, in this latest episode we met a huge character in the comic books, China White. Martin Sommers only referred to her as part of the Chinese Triad, but she's definitely here to stay.

As for the man in the limo with the same symbol on his notebook as Robert Queen? People are saying it's related to the character of Dark Archer.

Even though the flashbacks sort of freak me out, (who else is kinda terrified of being shipwrecked on a desert island?) I do think it's important for us to understand what went down on the island. Most importantly, I want to know who shot Oliver when he was burying his dad.

Hopefully next week we will pick up where we left off, but in the meantime I leave you with my favorite Arrow quote of the week.

Oliver: This guy gets more airtime on the Kardashians.
Thea: Five years on an island and you still know who they are. | permalink

Yes Thea. Even people on remote islands in the Pacific know that famous ass. Until next time, hit the comments! 


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Lone Gunman, episode 3: Surely we should have expected that on the island he was not alone. It doesn't take much of a brick brain to know that there is much more to this show than meets the eye. It will develop and grow, hopefully it will not jump the shark by the end of the first season. I am willing to go along with the ride. I am glad iTunes loaded the episode the next day, as I live in Ukraine and nothing sucks worse than NOT keeping current. Witness the epic failure of HBO's handling of Game of Thrones on iTunes. Arrow, for ME, is worth the $2.99 per episode.


Man, this show's not kidding with the Principle of Evil Marksmanship, are they? Automatic weapons vs arrows...arrows win!! Okay, jokes aside, I enjoyed this episode. I think the police chief and Laurel both chew the scenery a little too much, but I find Amell's performance quite convincing. Kelly Hu was sadly underused. I'm captivated enough to keep watching. I'm more drawn to what the hell happened on the island than I am to the vigilantism though.


I like this series. It's very entertaining and I'm going to stick with it. I'm actually watching to see Susanna Thompson and Paul Blackthorne as much as Stephen Amell's abs. These are two very good actors who you don't hire unless you want to develop some meaty plotlines. ST can play the bad girl quite well. Recall that she went toe-to-toe with Picard as the Borg Queen in ST:TNG. And, Blackthorne, man - is he really old enough to be a father? That makes me feel old and sad.


I'm really loving this show. It's got some good acting as well as scenery! I like the way it moves along and doesn't get too bagged down. I can't wait to find out who shot Ollie on the island.


Oliver and Laurel doesn't work for me either. I can't get over the fact that he slept with her sister after being with her. I just don't see any chemistry there. They need to bring another love interest in to where they don't have that kind of baggage and lets not forget about her father hating him for sleeping with BOTH daughters qnd her dyeing on the boat with him. Yuck,
Like Oliver's bodyguard, seems like someone he could trust. You can see it now that his best friend slept with Laurel (yawn).
I really like the fight scenes, very good but Laurel as Oliver's love interest NO!


★★☆☆☆TV Forced. Laurel and Oliver just don't work for me. Sitting down already and having ice cream WTF. Also don't get how one guy gets this all done without some recon. The writers should slow down and build a proper structure. I really wanna have this show around but it needs alot of work. Good news is Nikita started off slow and a few eps in, it really took off. ✈


Loved this episode. I'm still trying to figure out if the his character is suppose to be like the comic book character green arrow or if he's suppose to be like Robin Hood because he was a vigilante and in the show they keep calling him a Robin Hood. Can't wait till the next episode.


What a piece of trash.
This is supposed to be based on the comic book hero "Green Arrow". Instead, the closest it comes to the comic book character is the name-or at least most of the name. Green Arrow was NOT a vigilante. He didn't kill.
Unfortunately, the show is playing to the crowd that wants violence. The acting leaves a lot to be desired. I've seen Jr. High School plays with better acting & the scripts reek!.
Enough of the compliments. I give it 1 star & 1 season.


How the hell does Oliver Queen know Chinese, or whatever it was? :D
Besides that, it was an awesome episode. It really feels a little bit like Nolan's Batman, although Arrow is more cheesy and cliche. But I don't mind.


I like the episode , its not as good as the pilot but it was interesting( especially the shirtless and training scenes...Dam he is hot) the only thing that i dont like so far is katie cassidy as laurel, there is something about her performance that bothers me, maybe its her attitude but i find her a little annoying, i dont like how she is always trying to be smartass and i feel that the whole love history between oliver and her is so force , maybe they should developed it more slowly and give us time to ship them as a couple because rigth now its not happening
I hope she improves with time or she will be definitly a miscast

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