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The Reagan family has 115 years of police history sitting around its dinner table.  It's a family that has had to weigh the "Risk and Reward" of the job on more occasions than they probably remember. 

So when Frank told Danny to do whatever it took to find Detective Mulrow, he didn't give that order lightly.

Danny Searches For a Hostage

Was it the right call to make?  Obviously it achieved the desired result.  A decorated detective's life was saved but the risk of taking Abdul out of prison and placing him in Danny's custody was huge.  So many things could have gone wrong. I kept wondering if that was Omar's goal to begin with so that he could break his brother out of prison.

Danny's ploy of turning Sayid over to Malaysian special forces was well played and the detectives from Vice looked menacing enough in their big, black SUV to pull it off. 

As much as Frank Reagan's the moral compass of Blue Bloods, at times his choices are questionable.  There's certainly an argument for both sides here. 

Frank's position is to uphold the law. When he bends it or breaks it, or allows others to do so, how can we trust in that system?

At the same time don't we all want to believe that there is someone in charge that is willing to do whatever it takes to keep us safe, whether that's an entire city or just one innocent man.  Wasn't that why 24 was such a hit after 9/11.  The audience found comfort in the thought that Jack Bauer was out there willing to do whatever it takes.

Out of that 115 years of NYPD experience, 60 of them belonged to Henry Reagan. I loved the idea of having him ride along with Jamie, I just wished we had seen them do more than deal with a pizza truck dispute.

When Henry agreed with Jamie's partner about hauling the bickering brother and sister off to jail, it obviously irked Jamie. Again, I had to agree with a partner. The brother and sister were like a couple of bickering children only their petty dispute was ending with 911 calls.  At some point they needed to learn that there would be consequences or as Henry put it in this Blue Bloods quote

 Sometimes a kick in the ass is worth a thousand words. | permalink

When Jamie accused Henry of believing he was a bad cop I had to roll my eyes.  At what point does Jamie Reagan stop sounding like a belligerent teenager?

And I had trouble believing that after multiple visits to the scene that one stern talking to by Jamie was all it took to resolve this family feud.

So, did you enjoy Henry's ride along? Was Jamie right to take offense or was he far too sensitive when it came to Henry's comments about his partner. And did you agree with Frank's decision to do whatever it takes?


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Without Jennifer Esposito's spark this show is as dull as dish water. If they think they can't get some rise out of Jamie's new partner, they are dreaming.


If Jennifer Esposito's not coming back, I'd love to have Teddy Sears around, he's charming and hey he's been around for some episodes although I'm not really sure what's his position in the department.

Sarah silva

This was a pretty good episode. Not every one could do Franks' job. I understand right and wrong and being careful not to go to far. However I think he has handled every situation that has come up the best way possible. This one was a tough call but I think it was handled well.
I like Jamie and I do not think he was acting like a teenager. He probably feels that his family still thinks he should have been a lawyer and there is some pressure living up to his grandpa, dad and brothers as a cop.
I was on the side of Jamie not his partner!
I loved the dinner this week it was a mix of funny and sweet.
The whole Jennifer Esposito thing is a mess Nicholas Tuturro and Sebastian Sozzi are not white and yet they are still on this show, albeit not all the time but I do not think CBS is racist.


I don't think that Danny did anything we haven't seen on oodles of cop shows. Do you think Gibbs on "NCIS" wouldn't have gone as far or farther? Boothe and Beckett have done similarly on "Bones" and "Castle". Sayid wasn't tuned up at all. I'm sorry, but to get a cop back from terrorists we should go at least that far. In reality they didn't do whatever it took or there would have been real Malaysian forces waiting for Sayid. And Danny and the other guy would have interrogated him the Kabul way. As far as the pizza story....well, Jamie is a bit insecure. He does need to grow up. I bet part of his insecurity stems from his new partner. He didn't seem to have all these issues before. And as to talking to the siblings, I think it was less Jamie's stern talk versus Jamie pointing out logically that they could both benefit by merging without sacrificing their individual premises.

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